Lakers use Brandon Ingram during indicate ensure to strap aggression

12:06 PM ET

OKLAHOMA CITY — Luke Walton was looking for a approach to jump-start Brandon Ingram‘s game.

Specifically, a Los Angeles Lakers manager wanted to see Ingram get behind to assertive and being some-more aggressive. So Walton presented Ingram with a event to start during indicate ensure opposite a Brooklyn Nets on Friday night.

Ingram supposed and responded with one of his best all-around games of a season, posting 16 points, 10 assists and 8 rebounds and branch a round over usually dual times in 37 mins during a 102-99 win in Brooklyn.

The usually downside to Ingram’s night was a narrowing he felt in his bruise right groin. Ingram, though, is approaching to start during indicate ensure again on Sunday during Oklahoma City, a diversion in that he was primarily listed as questionable.

With Lonzo Ball nursing a sprained MCL that will sideline him for a 10th true game, a Lakers need Ingram. He is one of a few playmakers they have who can emanate scoring opportunities for himself and for teammates with his ability to conflict a rim.

In dual prior meetings opposite a Thunder, a Lakers were totally outclassed with Ball in travel clothes, losing by 37 and 24 points, respectively. Sunday could be another Thunder rout, generally if Ingram can’t play.

An assertive Ingram was on arrangement in Brooklyn, pulling and dunking while swelling a round around. The soft-spoken Ingram felt that personification indicate ensure unbarred some of his aggression.

“[Walton] only wanted me to be aggressive,” Ingram said. “Get in a line and make plays for myself and make plays for my teammates. we only try to do a best pursuit of pulling a gait tonight and creation certain guys were happy with their shots. … Just holding on a opportunity. … [Playing point] only puts a round in my palm a lot more. Gives me a possibility to conflict a basket, get to my spots, get other people involved. Just being concerned more.”

In early January, Ingram had a four-game widen in that he played like a assertive scoring brazen group boss Magic Johnson envisioned. He averaged 20.8 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4.3 assists and shot 33-for-55 (55.6 percent) from a field, including 7-for-11 from behind a 3-point arc from Jan. 5-11.

But only as Ingram got cooking, he sprained an ankle after posting 4 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists in his initial 14 mins during Dallas on Jan. 13.

That knocked Ingram out for a game. He returned one diversion after opposite a Thunder and tweaked his ankle again before finishing with 8 points and one miscarry in 26 mins in a 114-90 detriment during Oklahoma City. Ingram sat out a subsequent diversion since of a injury. Ingram has played in a Lakers’ past 5 games, though Walton wants to get him in a improved and some-more assertive rhythm.

“We indispensable to get him some-more aggressive,” Walton said. “Since he’s come behind from his ankle injury, we haven’t unequivocally had a unchanging play from him we’ve been removing before that. And we wanted to get him to be some-more intent in what we’re doing. And put some-more vigour on a other team’s defense, so a suspicion routine was we do consider he’s able of using a point. Two, let’s proactively force him to be as intent as possible. we suspicion a disproportion between this time and when we played him during indicate [before] was this time he pushed a ball. Last time he was perplexing to be some-more of a normal [point guard] and call plays.

“Tonight it was some-more only ‘get me a ball, I’m going to fly adult a justice and play basketball,’ and it unequivocally authorised him to do what we’ve pronounced he does best, and that’s make decisions as they come. Not destine if he’s going to shoot, not destine if he’s going to pass. Just see what a invulnerability is doing and make reads.”

Walton hopes to have Ingram pulling as most as probable to hint a Lakers in transition and maybe hint his possess diversion as well.

“I consider before during times, we was indifferent a small bit perplexing to get my teammates involved,” Ingram said. “Just attempted to be a invader tonight and get my teammates concerned and get myself concerned in a offense.”

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