Lakers’ Rajon Rondo fervent to assistance Lonzo Ball, not focused on starting

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LAS VEGAS — Expecting a Los Angeles Lakers “to win now” with LeBron James, Rajon Rondo pronounced he is not endangered about starting and is vehement to assistance second-year indicate ensure Lonzo Ball.

“They have me here to assistance win games, any approach possible, whatever conditions we competence be in. That will be a large partial of because we’re perplexing to get this thing finished this year,” Rondo pronounced Friday during a discussion call with reporters after signing a one-year, $9 million bargain with a Lakers. “They have plans, apparently me being here, along with other guys they’ve [brought] in, along with this good immature core that we have.

“So I’m not so many held adult in a starting [job] and things like that. I’m only held adult in winning a championship.”

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One year after drafting Ball with a second altogether collect and dogmatic him a authorization indicate guard, a Lakers have combined Rondo, a fiercely rival and championship-experienced indicate ensure who has started 697 of his 779 career games.

Ball hasn’t been means to work on a basketball justice as many as he would like to this summer due to a ripped meniscus in his left knee. Ball has sought opposite options, like a platelet-rich-plasma injection and rest to provide a knee, though medicine could be a intensity choice if a knee doesn’t urge a approach a Lakers wish it will.

Adding Rondo provides a Lakers with another choice during indicate guard, some-more abyss during a position and a realistic aspirant to pull Ball.

Rondo averaged 8.3 points and 8.2 assists per diversion in a unchanging deteriorate and excelled in a playoffs with 10.3 points and 12.2 assists per diversion with a New Orleans Pelicans final season. He pronounced he is looking brazen to operative with Ball.

“From what I’ve seen, I’m vehement to get a actor that age and try to assistance him as many as we can, as distant as bargain a diversion and removing his diversion adult to speed as distant as during a high level,” Rondo said. “Especially with a volume of vigour now that a classification has on him.

“Every night we’re going to get guys [the] best shots, and as distant as bargain that night in and night out, that’s what separates a good players from a good players.”

Rondo, who spent his initial 5 seasons with a Boston Celtics and played a pivotal purpose in a Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals clashes in 2008 and 2010, pronounced it isn’t uncanny now being in purple and gold.

“Does it feel strange? Um, no, we consider my battles with a Lakers were over a decade ago, so it doesn’t feel strange,” Rondo said. “And nothing of a players we was battling with are on a same roster.”

Rondo mentioned a championship a few times as a bar for a Lakers, who also announced a re-signing of ensure Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to a one-year, $12 million deal.

“You put any team, any organisation of players around LeBron James, as he has finished [eight] true times, he went to a Finals. So my expectations are a accurate same thing,” Rondo said. “Even with a Warriors adding [DeMarcus Cousins] and a Rockets being who they are, we consider we fit right adult there in a mix.

“It is early, obviously, and we am not earnest anything. But during a finish of a day we design to win. Nothing else.”

The Lakers still could make a few some-more moves to finalize their roster. As as it stands now, a Lakers have combined a over-abundance of versatile playmakers and defenders like James, Rondo and Lance Stephenson, and still can use some-more fringe shooters.

Rondo — who has oral to Lakers manager Luke Walton a few times already and skeleton on disposition on organisation boss Magic Johnson and former Lakers star Kobe Bryant — sees a throng of round handlers as a positive.

“Just a length and that we competence have a register where there’s 5 round handlers on a justice during one time,” Rondo said. “… It will be really versatile, and we don’t consider you’ll be means to director and hang to one diversion devise as distant as being means to stop a certain player.

“I consider a unselfishness that a lot of these guys already have in their DNA, as distant as myself, LeBron, Ball, guys that get off a ball. We competence browbeat a round during certain tools of a game, though for a many partial we all are perplexing to find a open man. we consider that’s what’s going to assistance us a lot and what’s gonna make us work.

“I consider guys like LeBron or myself, we haven’t played with a lot of guys that make plays for me, so it’s going to be sparkling to be means to only get up, get a integrate easy looks, be means to pull a gait in a open justice and … demeanour for one another.”

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