Lakers’ Lonzo Ball takes hit in use for initial time given injury

4:52 PM ET

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Lonzo Ball went by his initial hit use given spraining his left MCL though has been ruled out by a All-Star mangle as a Los Angeles Lakers wish to give their rookie indicate ensure another week and a half to recover.

Ball has missed 13 true games given pang a damage on Jan. 13, and a indicate ensure will not play in a Lakers’ arriving back-to-back set during New Orleans and Minnesota. While there has nonetheless to be an central integrity on Ball’s standing for a Rising Stars diversion on Friday, manager Luke Walton insincere his starting indicate ensure will lay that diversion out, too.

“We are not going to play him tomorrow,” Walton pronounced before a Lakers flew to New Orleans. “With a back-to-back and a week off after that, a swell is good though it only doesn’t make clarity to risk it right now.”

“There was some hit [in use today] that is a initial time he has unequivocally finished that,” Walton added. “It wasn’t up-and-down, full-court scrimmaging [type of contact], though it was halfcourt defensive drills with guys removing after it. He looked good, though there is still a small discomfort.”

Walton pronounced a annoy Ball felt is not a reversal or something that is a regard to a swell a indicate ensure is making. Ball had pronounced final week that he was operative his approach adult to being means to run full sprints and jump.

“No, not during all,” Walton pronounced when asked if a annoy was something that was a vital concern. “He did a many given spiteful himself today, and he didn’t lift himself out. He used a whole use so a swell is good. No regard with that.”

Walton remained neutral about when Ball will be prepared to lapse to action. The Lakers’ initial diversion after a mangle is on Feb. 23 opposite Dallas, that will be scarcely 6 weeks after Ball sprained his MCL.

“We are going to continue to provide him, and he will continue to come in and get work finished and get shots adult and when his physique is ready, afterwards he will play again,” Walton said. “I can’t tell we if that is going to be a initial game, or a second diversion or a third diversion [after a break]. Whenever his physique is prepared to get after it again.”

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