Kurt Warner on ’99 enlargement draft: It would have been fun to win Super Bowl in Cleveland

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In 1999, a Browns used a 29th mark in a enlargement breeze on Scott Milanovich of a Buccaneers and afterwards comparison Tim Couch No. 1 altogether in a NFL Draft. Milanovich never threw a pass for a Browns, and Couch lasted usually 5 seasons, going 22-37 with 64 touchdowns and 67 interceptions.

The Browns have had 26 other starting quarterbacks besides Couch, nonetheless to find a authorization vigilance caller.

But a Browns could have had that man in 1999 when a Rams left Kurt Warner defenceless in a enlargement draft. Warner, of course, was a nobody then, carrying thrown usually 11 career passes.

Warner pronounced Thursday zero would have altered for him, solely a group he played for, yet a Browns would have won a Super Bowl with him if they had foresight.

“Had we left to Cleveland, how would my career be different? we have no idea,” Warner pronounced on a Pro Football Hall of Fame discussion call. “It would have been fun to win a Super Bowl in Cleveland, though. But we consider when you’re going by a process, and we get to this indicate we always felt like wherever we was, we would be successful. A lot of people we consider when they see my career, they hear or they remember sat on a dais for 4 years in college, got cut by a Packers, worked in a grocery store and afterwards won a Super Bowl. That’s kind of a timeline that people see when they hear Kurt Warner. When we demeanour during a timeline, we demeanour during it and say, ‘Played one year in college, was actor of a year in my conference, we played 3 years in Arena Football, went to a Arena Bowl twice and was voted a best quarterback in a joining all 3 seasons, went to Europe for a year and was a tip quarterback statistically a deteriorate we played there. So we demeanour during it and contend each time we played we was successful. Everybody else looks during it and says he didn’t play really much. So there were dual opposite perspectives on it.

“So had we left to Cleveland, we would have approaching zero else solely to have success, somehow, someway, some form. Had we been on a field, we would have approaching to play good and have success. . . . we trust had we left there and had a possibility to play, we would have helped that authorization go to places they’ve never been before. Whether it’s audacity or certainty or whatever we wish to call it, that was my genius when we stepped between a lines on a football margin that we was going to make my group and somehow, someway, we was going to find a approach to succeed.”

Things worked out only excellent for Warner. Trent Green got hurt; Warner got his possibility and won a Super Bowl for a Rams, and he enters a Hall of Fame in a Class of 2017. Meanwhile, a Browns’ hunt for a quarterback continues.

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