Kristaps Porzingis has each right to be mad with a New York Knicks

You don’t find players like him. They aren’t available. You can’t call adult another group and work out a understanding for a 7-foot-3 core who can move, has 3-point operation and is 21 years old.

The word we many mostly hear around a Knicks’ Kristaps Porzingis is “unicorn.” Players like this aren’t ostensible to exist. He seems some-more done out of some video game’s create-a-player mode, someone you’d insert into a diversion and your friend would close a appurtenance off since a whole thing is unfair.

The Knicks have him. A cornerstone. Someone to build a whole authorization around.

And if he’s unhappy, that has to be a final straw for group boss Phil Jackson. If Porzingis is unhappy, that’s a ballgame.

The doubt is: Is Kristaps Porzingis unhappy?

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