Kristaps Porzingis’ Brother Says Star Wants to Play for Knicks, Develop, Win

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Despite Kristaps Porzingisreported misgivings about a New York Knicks‘ direction, a 21-year-old’s hermit told’s Ian Begley on Wednesday that his kin wants to keep personification in a Big Apple for a time being.

“Kris wants to stay in New York, he feels during home there. There is no doubt about it. The usually thing he wants is for a Knicks to emanate an sourroundings where he can rise and grow as a actor and win,” Janis Porzingis said. “If he were traded he would play out his agreement and conduct into giveaway group where he can select his possess destiny.”

Janis’ comments come 4 days after a tweet sent from Kristaps’ comment review “Los Angeles Clippers.”

Porzingis later clarified the twitter was a outcome of a hack, yet it generated a stir since Begley had formerly reported a handful of teams reached out to a Knicks about “possible trades” for Porzingis after a authorization centerpiece skipped his exit assembly with front bureau coronet final month.

For a time being, though, Porzingis doesn’t seem to have most contend over his future.

Still sealed to his rookie contract, Porzingis won’t be authorised to turn a giveaway representative until 2019 during a earliest. But even if he does strike a market, Porzingis will be a limited giveaway representative presumption a Knicks extend a $7.5 million qualifying offer his way.

Under that scenario, a Knicks would keep a right to compare any offers Porzingis receives.

However, things might not even strech that indicate since Porzingis will be authorised for a whopping fourth-year prolongation in allege of a 2018-19 season.

In other words, a trade would seem to be a usually picturesque approach Porzingis changes employers between now and a finish of a decade.


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