Knicks’ dream breeze collect has ‘Greek Freak’ talent: Szczerbiak

If guards Dennis Smith Jr., Malik Monk, Donovan Mitchell and Frank Ntilikina are on a house when a Knicks’ spin comes during No. 8 on Thursday, what would Wally Szczerbiak do?

Wally would go French.

Szczerbiak, a CBS college basketball analyst/MSG Network broadcaster, told The Post it’s a tighten call, though he’d seize a French joining indicate ensure Ntilikina since of a special upside he doesn’t see as clearly in a others.

In fact, Szczerbiak compared a possibilities for Ntilikina, who is 6-foot-5 with a 7-foot wingspan, to “Greek Freak’’ indicate brazen Giannis Antetokounmpo.

“I would gaunt toward Frank since I’ve watched Monk a lot — bomb shooter and scorer, though we consider Frank competence have a critical upside — that’s what I’m hearing,’’ he said. “They strike a kitty with a man like [Kristaps] Porzingis, removing him during 4 [in 2015]. He’s a got a lot of roof to grow and unequivocally be a conceptual player. If we can get another man like that in Frank on a perimeter, we can be good on your way. Those other guys are options, though Frank — we don’t wish to skip out on that one. You don’t wish to get that one wrong.’’

Ntilikina, 18, hasn’t arrived in New York nonetheless since he is set to play Game 4 of a best-of-five French joining final Monday with his Strasbourg bar down 2-1.

Wally SzczerbiakScott Levy/MSG Photos

“I haven’t seen him as most as a other guys, though we know a Knicks have unequivocally been on his scouting route all deteriorate prolonged and holding a genuine tighten look,’’ pronounced Szczerbiak, who will seem on an breeze uncover for CBS Sports Network on Tuesday and an MSG Network module Wednesday. “I consider during eight, that’s a big-time choice for a Knicks. It’s his ballpark with those quantifiable talents and skills he has. That’s a man if he does vessel out, can be really, unequivocally good. You demeanour during Antetokounmpo and what he’s turn — as a 15th collect in a breeze after stuffing out his physique with a length he has.

“The Knicks register has an general season — Porzingis, [Willy] Hernangomez. Those guys are seasoned pros, personification opposite men, so when they come over, they’re ready. Size and length, a child has a lot of jaunty tools. You don’t wish to skip on a man like that with a intensity he can have.’’

While Ntilikina fights for a title, Mitchell, a 6-3 Louisville combo ensure who hails from Elmsford, will talk and work out with a Knicks on Monday and Tuesday in Tarrytown, according to sources.

Since a NBA Draft Combine final month, Mitchell’s batch has risen and a Knicks have deliberate him during No. 8 as they demeanour to ascent their defense. Szczerbiak believes Louisville was tailored to feeding a large group and Mitchell didn’t always get on track. But he thinks he’s a Knicks fit since a triangle doesn’t need a “pure indicate guard.’’

“He couldn’t always get into stroke though he’s unequivocally means athletically, strong, powerful, bomb guard,’’ Szczerbiak said. “He shot a 3, though was a small inconsistent. Defensively, he’s still good and so good coached since of Rick Pitino. That’s what he does — gets all a guys to unequivocally defend. A lot of tender talent there — that is because he’s now projected into a lottery.’’

The Smith Jr. maze — good talent, numbers though played for an awful North Carolina State bar — has Szczerbiak mixed.

“Very, unequivocally athletic,’’ Szczerbiak said. “A top-five breeze awaiting a second he set feet in college basketball, afterwards he couldn’t assistance his group win a game. That’s a small bit concerning. He can put adult numbers, personification in a tough league, though he’s got to mature and make those small winning plays.’’

Because of Carmelo Anthony’s capricious future, Szczerbiak thinks a Knicks couldn’t go wrong with North Carolina’s title-winning swingman Justin Jackson and should try to trade down for an additional pick.

“The Knicks are failing to get winners on their roster,’’ Szczerbiak said. “He’s softened a lot from a 3-point line. He’s a unequivocally good defender, valid it in a tournament, [defended] Monk good regulating by screens, regulating his length to worry an outward burst shooter.”

As for Anthony, Szczberbiak pronounced Knicks boss Phil Jackson is within his right to emporium him to enter “a finish rebuild.’’

“The Knicks have to have a diversion devise on what they’re doing with Carmelo entrance into this draft,’’ pronounced Szczerbiak, traded 10 years ago on breeze night for Ray Allen. “Phil wants to go in a certain direction. He done a preference to re-sign Carmelo [in 2014]. He attempted to win with him a final integrate of years — it hasn’t worked. we don’t consider we can error Phil going in a opposite direction. we gamble Phil is thinking, ‘What if we started to reconstruct dual years ago but Carmelo?’ that he set himself back.”

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