Knicks, Blazers plead trade for one of Portland’s first-round picks

6:55 PM ET

The New York Knicks’ front bureau has oral to a Trail Blazers in new days about a trade for one of Portland’s 3 first-round picks, sources reliable to ESPN on Thursday.

Portland owns a 15th, 20th and 26th altogether picks in a stream draft.

New York has a No. 8 altogether pick, and members of a classification have been exploring a probability of appropriation an additional collect after in a initial round, per sources.

The trade discussions between a Knicks and Blazers were initial reported by a Sporting News.

New York has hosted workouts for several players who competence tumble into a mid-to-late initial round, including North Carolina brazen Justin Jackson and large male Tony Bradley, per sources. The Knicks have also worked out players pegged in some ridicule drafts as late first-round or early second-round picks, including Kentucky’s Bam Adebayo and Colorado’s Derrick White, sources said.

Talks between New York and Portland are believed to be in a early stages, though during slightest one unfolding discussed concerned an additional actor from Portland being sent in a trade, according to sources. Portland’s Moe Harkless is one actor who was discussed in a probable trade scenario, sources told ESPN.

It is misleading that players outward of Harkless have been discussed. It’s value observant that a Blazers have scarcely $133 million in guaranteed contracts on their books for a 2017-18 season, so they might be looking to strew income in any transaction involving their first-round pick.

Portland ubiquitous manager Neil Olshey pronounced in an talk with NBA TV final month that he would make whatever “the best preference prolonged tenure for a authorization is” when deliberation a trade involving Portland’s first-round breeze picks. He pronounced that bar is committed to stability to build around star ensure Damian Lillard‘s timeline.

Olshey combined that he would during slightest cruise trade an assembly of first-round picks to get an “impact player” though pronounced Portland could also means to be studious and use all of a first-round picks to supplement rookies. It’s misleading accurately what a Knicks have offering Portland in lapse in their trade talks.

In a past, group boss Phil Jackson has refused to offer any of a Knicks’ destiny first-round picks in trade talks, per sources. Unless Portland offers one of a premier players or mixed first-round picks, that proceed will expected continue during a Knicks’ talks with a Blazers.

The Knicks wish to find a actor with a No. 8 collect who can assistance them build a immature core around large group Kristaps Porzingis and Willy Hernangomez.

Members of a classification see several players as intensity options for a No. 8 pick, including French awaiting Frank Ntilikina, Kentucky ensure Malik Monk and NC State ensure Dennis Smith Jr., sources told ESPN.

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