Klay Thompson: Warriors will try to set NBA single-season wins record

1:06 PM ET

TORONTO — The Golden State Warriors need a 25-5 finish after a All-Star Game to mangle a NBA’s all-time single-season record of 72 wins.

And during slightest one Warrior says they will indeed be going for it.

“Oh, we will,” Warriors ensure Klay Thompson told ESPN Radio on Friday.

In an speak that will atmosphere in full on Saturday night’s “Meet The All-Stars” uncover on ESPN Radio during 5:30 p.m., Thompson concurred that a Warriors, who are 48-4, will expected rest some of their players as a deteriorate winds down.

“We’ll substantially rest guys down a stretch,” Thompson said. “But we’re so low of a group that we should have a possibility to win any night.

“Just to be in a review of ‘You guys can do it’ is crazy. It’s great. we would have never illusory this. Growing up, we always suspicion that record was untouchable. Obviously we’re personification for some-more than only 73 wins — we’re personification for a championship — though if it’s right there for us, we competence as good try and take it.”

Both Thompson and teammate Draymond Green, however, done it transparent that even leading a Chicago Bulls’ record 72 wins from a 1995-96 deteriorate would feel rather vale if a Warriors don’t also repeat as NBA champions.

“It wouldn’t matter,” Green told ESPN Radio. “I don’t consider anyone will care. It’ll be talked about initially, like, ‘Oh, they pennyless a record.’ But it’ll blur divided so quick.

“I consider it’s one of those things where apparently we don’t speak about it during all. It’ll come adult any now and then, though it’s some-more so, ‘Man, could we suppose if that happened?’ But it’s never like, ‘Hey, let’s concentration on removing 72.’ Our concentration is always to get improved any and any time we step on a floor. And we consider if we do that, we get to 72. But if we win 72 or 73 games or 74 and we don’t win a championship, nobody will ever caring about a 70-whatever wins in a unchanging season. Everybody cares about a Bulls since they won a championship while winning 72. So it’s some-more critical to win a championship than winning 72 games.”

Said Thompson: “73 wins doesn’t meant a thing though a ring.”

The Warriors entered a All-Star mangle with a best record in NBA story after 52 games and have won one vital suitor here during All-Star Weekend: West manager Gregg Popovich from a opposition San Antonio Spurs.

“I’ve spent some-more time meditative about Golden State than we have any other group I’ve ever suspicion about in my whole career,” Popovich told ESPN Radio on Friday. “Because they are unequivocally fun. I’d go buy a sheet and go watch them play. And when we see them pierce a ball, we get really envious. When we see them fire uncontested shots some-more than anybody else in a league, it’s inspiring. It’s only good basketball.

“So I’m indeed enjoying them really much. You try to solve them, though they’re in a clarity unsolvable since it’s a sold brew of talent that they have. It’s not only that Steph [Curry] can make shots or that Klay can make shots or that Draymond Green is versatile. Everybody on a justice can pass, locate and shoot. And they all get it.”

“They’re for real,” Popovich added. “They’re talented. But they’re also very, really smart.”

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