Kickers and Punters Drafted Earlier Than Pro Bowl Quarterbacks

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Kickers and Punters Drafted Earlier Than Pro Bowl Quarterbacks

Otto Greule Jr/Getty ImagesRussell Wilson was still on a house in 2012 when a Jaguars drafted a punter.

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The news that Roberto Aguayo was expelled usually one year after a second turn collect was used to breeze him was a tough tablet to swallow for Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. A year after a pierce looks terrible deliberation players like Jordan Howard and Yannick Ngakoue were drafted after a Bucs took a kicker.

The Bucs were set during quarterback with Jameis Winston, though they missed out on an contingent Pro Bowler in Dak Prescott, too.

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Well, Tampa Bay is distant from a usually NFL group to breeze a kicker or a punter while an contingent Pro Bowl quarterback was still on a board.

So here’s a list of Pro Bowl quarterbacks who were picked after than a kicker or a punter in their particular breeze years, dating behind to 1990.

2016 NFL Draft

Pro Bowl QB: Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys, 4-135

Kicker Drafted: Roberto Aguayo, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2-59

2012 NFL Draft

Pro Bowl QB’s:

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks, 3-75
Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles, 3-88
Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins, 4-102

Punter Drafted: Bryan Anger, Jacksonville Jaguars, 3-70

2011 NFL Draft

Pro Bowl QB: Tyrod Taylor, Baltimore Ravens, 6-180

Kicker Drafted: Alex Henery, Philadelphia Eagles, 4-120

2005 NFL Draft

Pro Bowl QBs:

Derek Anderson, Baltimore Ravens, 6-213
Matt Cassell, New England Patriots, 7-230

Specialists Drafted:

Mike Nugent, New York Jets, 2-47
Dustin Colquitt (P), Kansas City Chiefs, 3-99
Dave Rayner, Indianapolis Colts, 6-202
Reggie Hodges (P), St. Louis Rams, 6-220

2004 NFL Draft 

Pro Bowl QB: Matt Schaub, Houston Texans, 3-90

Specialists Drafted:

B.J. Sander (P), Green Bay Packers, 3-87
Nate Kaeding, San Diego Chargers, 3-65

2002 NFL Draft

Pro Bowl QB: David Garrard, Jacksonville Jaguars, 4-108

Kicker Drafted: Jeff Chandler, San Francisco 49ers, 4-102

2000 NFL Draft

Pro Bowl QB: Tom Brady, New England Patriots, 6-199

Specialists Drafted:

Sebastian Janikowski, Oakland Raiders, 1-17
Shane Lechler (P), Oakland Raiders, 5-142
Neil Rackers, Cincinnati Bengals, 6-169
Paul Edinger, Chicago Bears, 6-174

*Note: Pro Bowl Quarterback Mark Bulger was drafted in a sixth round, one collect before Neil Rackers.

1995 NFL Draft

Pro Bowl QB: Kordell Stewart, Pittsburgh Steelers, 2-60

Punter Drafted: Todd Sauerbrun, Chicago Bears, 2-56

1994 NFL Draft

Pro Bowl QB: Gus Frerotte, Washington Redskins, 7-197

Specialists Drafted:

Doug Brien, San Francisco 49ers, 3-85
Pat O’Neill (P), New England Patriots, 5-135
Mitch Berger (P), Philadelphia Eagles, 6-193

1993 NFL Draft

Pro Bowl QBs:

Mark Brunell, Green Bay Packers, 5-118
Elvis Grbac, San Francisco 49ers, 8-219*
Trent Green, SSan Diego Chargers, 8-222*

Kickers Drafted:

Harold Alexander, Atlanta Falcons, 3-67
Jason Elam, Denver Broncos, 3-70
Ed Bunn, Washington Redskins, 3-80
Scott Sisson, New England Patriots, 5-113

*Note: Several other specialists were drafted after Marc Brunell but before Grbac and Green. 

1992 NFL Draft

Pro Bowl QB: Brad Johnson, Minnesota Vikings, 9-227

Kicker Drafted: Jason Hanson, Detroit Lions, 2-55

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