Khabib Nurmagomedov in talks for Conor McGregor fight, wants ‘Notorious’ in 2018

Despite winning a UFC lightweight championship progressing this month during UFC 223 and competing in one of a deepest groups in churned martial humanities (MMA), undefeated Russian prodigy Khabib Nurmagomedov doesn’t unequivocally have too many options for his initial pretension defense.

With former halt champion Tony Ferguson nursing a nasty knee injury and promotional luminary Conor McGregor battling authorised issues following his throwdown with a Brooklyn bus, “Eagle” might not get a quarrel he’s eventually looking for.

However, a widespread Russian champion is still holding out wish that “Notorious” will lapse to movement this year, generally with talks already swirling between all parties involved.

“We’re talking, though if it takes too long, we don’t wish to do that,” Nurmagomedov pronounced during a QA event progressing this week in Russia (h/t MMANytt). “If he wants to quarrel this year, afterwards we can fight. Otherwise, we don’t know. We won’t wait long. we wish to quarrel Conor and if he can fight, we will quarrel him.”

If McGregor is incompetent to step feet behind inside of a Octagon in 2018, and “El Cucuy” doesn’t lift of a Wolverine recovery, Nurmagomedov’s options are thin. When deliberating a intensity strife with former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, who recently pronounced he’s a misfortune matchup in a division for “Eagle,” Nurmagomedov didn’t seem all that interested.

“There is Tony Ferguson, though we don’t consider he is going to quarrel soon,” Nurmagomedov said. “Then there is Alvarez, He wants to fight, though there’s something missing. He might or might not know this, though I’ll tell him to go take a hike.”

Of course, there is always Dustin Poirier, who put a stamp on his rising lightweight batch progressing this month with a fourth-round TKO feat over maniac Justin Gaethje during UFC on FOX 29.

But if a MMA gods work their sorcery and McGregor is legally means to lapse to foe this year, quarrel fans will get a matchup of a lifetime. The fact that Nurmagomedov’s group is already in discussions for a large pretension quarrel (possibly in Russia) adds fuel to an already soaring inferno.

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