Khabib Nurmagomedov: we will assistance UFC make Conor McGregor ‘humble’ again

Khabib Nurmagomedov has claimed he is not happy with a disregard Conor McGregor is now display towards a UFC and will assistance them to “humble” a Irishman.

Ever given winning a lightweight pretension during UFC 205, a “Notorious” has been focusing usually on a large income fighting quarrel with Floyd Mayweather, that a latter says will eventually happen.

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However, many trust McGregor is holding a UFC lightweight multiplication warrant as a pretension isn’t expected to be shielded until a summer of 2017 or maybe even longer.

McGregor has recently done statements such as ‘f*** a UFC’ and how he can quarrel Mayweather but a UFC being involved. Nurmagomedov responded to all this in a new QA hosted by a UFC, touching on how McGregor was common during one point.

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“I consider if Conor has one fan, we have 20 times some-more fans than him,” he pronounced as quoted on MMAFighting. “I consider UFC has to make skeleton a small bit, since this duck is not loyal.”

“If we remember, a initial time he fought in a UFC, and he talked like, ‘$50K baby,’ something like this. He asked Dana greatfully give me $50K. The UFC done him. If he had never fought in a UFC, how would he have got like this?”

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“Now he’s articulate about we can quarrel but a UFC in boxing, we know. For me, this is unpleasant of a UFC.”

Nurmagomedov pronounced he would assistance a UFC if they ever indispensable McGregor to be humbled.

“I wanted to contend to a UFC, we can assistance these guys,” he said. “We can make a other male humble, since we remember how he asked for $50,000. Now he articulate about he can make this [Mayweather] quarrel but a UFC.”

“I don’t worry about my PR, since in Dagestan and Russia, I’m a bit disturbed about how we turn renouned since before we never feel this pressure. And that’s because we don’t consider about this. But because not, we can make this male humble. Smash this male if a UFC wants.”

The Dagestan local – who will quarrel Tony Ferguson during UFC 209 for a halt lightweight pretension – also maintains that McGregor doesn’t wish to quarrel him.

“When we see his eyes backstage in a weigh-in, he’s different,” he said. “He wants to speak with everybody, when he see me, he doesn’t wish to speak to me. He and his coach.”

Conor McGregorConor McGregor

Bellator fighter, Chael Sonnen also recently mentioned on his podcast on how McGregor doesn’t wish to go toe to toe with a company, citing a instance of heavyweight Andrei Arlovski, who was pushed tough by a UFC.

“Eventually Andrei puffed too tough and all of a remarkable he wasn’t fighting Paul Buentello’s anymore, all of a remarkable he’s sealed in that enclosure with guys like Tim Sylvia,” Sonnen explained.

“It’s like, ‘hey man, as good as we consider we are, not usually is there a male who can kick you, we know who a male is and we will put his name conflicting yours once we force us to and we will uncover you, time and time again, who is in control here and who unequivocally set this table.”

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