Kevin Durant says he will positively re-sign with a Warriors this summer

There will be a lot of large name giveaway agents this summer, looking around during a league, determining where to pointer a large contract. LeBron James. Paul George. DeMarcus Cousins. Isaiah Thomas. DeAndre Jordan.

But rest easy, Golden State Warriors fans. Kevin Durant is not one of them.

Durant sealed a one-year understanding final summer, partially to extend a group financial flexibility, and partially since doing so authorised him to income in bigger down a road. And while no one yet Durant had intentions of leaving, imminent giveaway agencies are still frightful to fanbases.

But Durant isn’t going anywhere, during slightest to hear him tell it. The Athletic’s Anthony Slater held adult with Durant during practice, and asked him if he was 100 percent certain that he’d be re-signing. Durant’s answer was simple: “Yeah. Yeah.”

While Durant rolled his eyes during carrying to proceed this subject again, and joked that, “I wish to wait to see who wins a championship and whoever wins that, that’s who I’m going to pointer with,” he also pronounced that he feels like he’s on a long-term contract, since he’s committed to a organization.

Even yet he’s adhering around, he has some options to consider. The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) states that Durant can usually pointer a four-year max agreement this year, though if he takes another one-year deal, he can pointer a five-year max agreement in 2019.

In further to weighing a CBA technicalities, Durant is not antithetic to holding a bonus to assistance assist a group in maintaining Klay Thompson and/or Draymond Green. “The income is not critical to me,” Durant told Slater. “I’ve done so most over my career. But we do know that we wish to be here, we adore personification here. . . Who knows what’ll happen, what we’ll need during that time? But like we said, income is not my concern, I’m endangered with my fun and happiness.”

It stays to be seen what a destiny binds for a Warriors. But for now, it looks like Durant and Stephen Curry will be around for a prolonged time. And that’s a good thing.

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