Kevin Durant joins Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan with many points sans a turnover in NBA Finals

Despite a strenuous vigour heading adult to this year’s NBA Finals, Kevin Durant incited out a matter Game 1 opening in his team’s 113-91 win over a Cleveland Cavaliers, heading all scorers with 38 points though a singular turnover, fasten unequivocally disdainful association in a process.

Durant now finds himself 3 points behind Shaquille O’Neal (41 points in 2000) and a indicate brazen of Michael Jordan (37 points in 1998) with one of a best-scoring opening though a turnover in an NBA Finals diversion given 1978 when a stat was initial tracked, according to Elias Sports Bureau.

While Shaq’s 41 points are certainly impressive, he was a catch-and-finish form of player, not unequivocally amounting to many turnovers.

Durant and Jordan’s opening are a many eye-catching ones given how mostly they rubbed a round via a game.

The Golden State Warriors brazen had 8 assists in a diversion and tranquil a transition attack in many occasions, creation it utterly tough to go his whole 38 mins on a building mistake-free.

Jordan didn’t only have one, though indeed dual turnover-less games in a quarrel — putting adult 33 points in Game 1 in a detriment to a Utah Jazz, and 37 in a miscarry win in Game 2, personification 46 and 40 mins respectively.

His Airness scored a total 70 points in 86 mins of play though a turnover, going 27-of-62 from a margin in a tightly-contested series. He also averaged some-more steals (1.8) than turnovers (1.7) during a six-game series.

While Durant still has copiousness to go to strech pronounced heights, he’s certainly starting off on a right foot, now 3 games divided from adding “NBA champion” to his legacy.

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