Kevin Byard Sets Sights on Pro Bowl Year for Titans in 2017

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Kevin Byard got used to a longer season, and a bigger workload.

In his rookie deteriorate with a Titans, a former MTSU star pronounced he “learned how to be a pro.”

Byard wants to make a most bigger impact in Year 2, when he aims to be a Pro Bowler on a playoff team.

Jason McCourty pronounced Byard’s zeal to learn and urge will make him a star in a league.

“Obviously when he came in, his ball-hawking skills, we kind of knew about since of a volume of interceptions he had in college,’’ pronounced McCourty, referring to Byard’s 19 career interceptions during MTSU. “But we consider what has tender me is his eagerness to be around a round and his enterprise to wish action. Whenever KB is in there, if there is a shell he wants to blitz, if it’s male to male he wants to cover whoever is in there during parsimonious end. He always wants to be around a movement and wants to be a man with a vigour on him to go make a play. He wants to be that man and that is unequivocally considerable for a immature man who is still training and removing acclimated to a NFL.

“When we have that opinion and mindset, it is going to capacitate him to be a good player. we am unequivocally looking brazen to saying his career grow, and continue to see him mature as a actor and turn some-more of a personality as he gets some-more acclimated with a NFL in general.”

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