Kerr ‘not ready’ to lapse to Warriors sideline

9:40 PM ET

OAKLAND, Calif. — Golden State Warriors manager Steve Kerr pronounced it’s doubtful he earnings to roaming a sidelines in time for Game 1 of a NBA Finals opposite a Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, he didn’t totally order it out.

“As of right now, we will not manager Thursday night,” Kerr pronounced after use Monday. “It’s still adult in a air.”

Kerr addressed a media since behaving conduct manager Mike Brown was underneath a continue and did not attend practice. ESPN was told that partner manager Jarron Collins ran most of a session, and that Brown had food poisoning from a bad salad and would be excellent going forward. Brown didn’t wish to get a group ill and stayed home in box his illness was a virus. Brown is approaching to be during use Tuesday, a source told The Undefeated.

“I told a group a good news is a group is unequivocally healthy,” Kerr joked. “But a bad news is a coaching staff is dropping like flies.”

The final time Kerr addressed a media before to Monday was in between Games 2 and 3 of a opening turn of a playoffs. It was afterwards that he announced he was holding an unfixed leave of deficiency to find a pill for a migraines and revulsion he has gifted stemming from behind medicine roughly dual years ago.

Earlier this month, Kerr visited a dilettante during Duke University to bear a procession to correct a spinal liquid leak. Since then, he has had his good and bad days. As Kerr sat in his chair addressing a media, he was visibly in some turn of discomfort.

“I’m ready, though I’m not prepared to manager yet,” he said. “I’m still feeling a lot of a effects of what I’ve got going on.”

If he’s incompetent to lapse for Game 1, Kerr pronounced he expects a final preference on his standing to be done shortly after. Either way, he will transport to Cleveland after a Warriors horde a initial dual games of a series.

“I’m not good adequate to manager games, and we know that [because] we coached all 82 games and we did OK,” Kerr explained. “I was worried and in a lot of pain, though we did fine. we could make it through. The initial dual games of a Portland series, whatever happened, things got worse. You saw me in a fourth entertain of Game 2. we could not lay still in my chair. It was that most pain. we would contend that I’ve gotten a small bit better. That’s because I’m here articulate to we now. But we can substantially tell I’m not sitting here happy-go-lucky.”

Kerr also raved about how Brown has rubbed this “awkward situation.” Golden State has left 12-0 this postseason.

“I’m holding partial in practices, assisting with a messaging, holding partial in coaching meetings, though I’m not on a sidelines during games. So he has to make those [in-game] decisions,” Kerr said. “It’s his team, though he’s also holding my recommendation and warn from behind a scenes. It’s not easy, though he’s apparently doing a good job. There seems to be a thesis when I’m out. we consider a group is like 108-2. So I’m not certain what it is.”

Information from ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne and Marc Spears was used in this report.

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