Kerber sticks to 2016 tennis blueprint

Angelique Kerber waited over dual months for her Australian Open prize to arrive in Germany.

But that was zero compared to a 186 weeks it took for a lady to finally finish Serena Williams’ stranglehold on a universe No.1 ranking.

Kerber eventually dethroned Williams, usurping her during a tip of a universe with a tennis deteriorate that began with a startle win during a Australian open.

“I was always asking, ‘Is a prize there?’ And it was always a ‘no, it’s stranded in immigration’,” pronounced Kerber, who has a initial turn bye and will open her Sydney International debate on Tuesday.

“But finally it arrived. It’s staying during home right now, protected in a place with all my other trophies.”

The Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup was a initial in a breakthrough deteriorate where Kerber was a finalist in 3 of a 4 slams, won a US Open and finished a deteriorate as No.1.

It was a regulation that she is penetrating to repeat in 2017.

“I have still a same group around me that I’m trusting. I’m starting good in Brisbane final year, we came here, we played a good compare as well,” she said.

“I went to Melbourne with a lot of confidence, but expectation. we consider this was a reason maybe since we played so good final year.

“I always like to play a lot of matches, generally when we start a year. This was always my credentials for a large tournaments.

“I will not try to change this since that’s a approach we had my success. I’m here to play good tennis and have good certainty in Melbourne again.”

At 28 years of age, Kerber is a oldest lady to entrance during No.1 in a rankings, a record she believes will assistance her hoop a unavoidable expectations that come with her new status.

She certified struggling to cope with a vigour when she initial entered a debate in 2007.

“I consider this is a ideal age for me to strech all my success right now since we consider I’ve schooled a lot and went by a lot of ups and downs in my career,” she said.

“Now we can unequivocally try to suffer it some-more than maybe a few years before.”

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