Kendrick Nunn has a skills and expostulate to join a Warriors on a two-way contract

Earlier this week, a Golden State Warriors offering one of their two-way agreement spots to Damion Lee, a 6-6 wing who brings athleticism and sharpened ability to Santa Cruz and Oakland. He also brings NBA experience, as he averaged 10 points a diversion in a final month of final deteriorate with a Atlanta Hawks. Lee is also Stephen Curry’s destiny brother-in-law. After signing Lee, a Warriors have one two-way agreement left and it’s anyone’s theory who will accept a offer.

Before a Warriors offering Lee a two-way, fans and writers comparison beheld ensure Kendrick Nunn as a probability for a two-way. He can still land a mark on Golden State, though his chances seem discontinued given a Warriors already sealed a ensure on a two-way.

Jeremy Woo, a author for Sports Illustrated, specializes in evaluating college prospects. Woo and we grew adult in Chicago together and watched Nunn play in high school. We held adult during Summer League to plead Nunn’s fit with a Warriors and his intensity in a NBA.

“During high school, it was transparent he was a high-major form talent and could score,” Woo said. “I consider he’s polished his diversion and has turn a some-more unchanging shooter.”

Nunn’s trail to a NBA

As Jabari Parker’s wingman during Simeon Career Academy, Nunn was a inhabitant tip 100 awaiting entering a University of Illinois in 2013. After his youth deteriorate during Illinois, he was discharged from a group after pleading guilty to a misconduct battery charge.

He was compulsory to lay out a deteriorate after transferring to Oakland University in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The Warriors took Nunn’s misconduct assign utterly severely and non-stop adult about their vetting routine with a Detroit Free Press final month — in short, after conversations with Nunn and those who knew him, a Warriors felt gentle giving him a chance. On a justice final year, in his comparison deteriorate during Oakland, he was named Horizon League Player of a Year, averaging 25.9 points a game.

“At Oakland, everybody saw his large scoring numbers. In a smaller conference, those points will get we noticed. Teams competence take a demeanour during you, though mid-major scorers aren’t indispensably combined equal,” Woo said. “As a scorer he’s unequivocally softened his craft. At a Portsmouth Invitational, he began to stretch himself from other players.”

With players like Quinn Cook anticipating success on a two-way agreement with a Warriors, Nunn fits a mold as a actor who can file their skills in a G-League and also be accessible for a NBA team. If we can score, there is expected a space for we on an NBA roster. And while it might not be for a Warriors, Kendrick Nunn can score. From a sound of it, Nunn would adore to hang around in a Bay.

“It’s been an honor—playing for one of a best organizations in a league, the best classification in a league. I’ve had a event to accommodate guys, and they’ve been assisting me transition and giving me a lot of certainty too,” Nunn told Golden State of Mind.

Nunn’s clever summer joining opening

Nunn’s Summer League run with a Warriors was a clever one for a actor battling for a two-way contract. He averaged 11 points per diversion in Vegas, including an 18-point diversion opposite a Clippers. Before Vegas, he scored 19 in a feat opposite a Heat in a Sacramento Summer League. Nunn’s scoring ability cooled down after Golden State’s feat opposite a Clippers, though he looked ease and collected via Vegas in a sea of jumpy players.

Willie Green, a Warriors Summer League coach, was also tender with Nunn’s play. He remarkable Nunn’s work ethic and competitiveness as sold strengths.

“Nunn offers utterly a bit. He can get down mountain and he’s athletic. Though he’s not unequivocally a dribble-breakdown guy, he’s turn a unchanging three-point shooter. He can hoop a ball, and he’s flattering clever finisher around a basket,” pronounced Woo. Nunn showcased those skills in Las Vegas.

Woo and we talked before a Warriors sealed Lee to a two-way, though his comment of Nunn extends over a Warriors. If Golden State chooses to pointer a large male for their other two-way, Kendrick Nunn is an choice for other teams. Yet Santa Cruz would be a singular alighting mark for a two-way contract.

“The Warriors unequivocally value Santa Cruz as a growth program. I’ll don’t know if he’ll [Nunn] be means to minister subsequent year, though we could see them gripping him around as someone on rug if there’s an damage or if they need an additional scorer — someone who is value carrying a disdainful rights for,” pronounced Woo. “I consider he’s shown adequate to merit that. The scoring ability and his toughness will unequivocally assistance him relocating forward.”

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