Kemp to DL with right hamstring strain

“I got hurt, man. It’s frustrating when we get hurt,” Kemp pronounced Friday. “That’s flattering most it.”

Kemp felt pain in his hamstring as he dull initial bottom as he attempted to leg out a fourth-inning double. He had laced a Jake Thompson charity high off a wall in left margin though had to baggy to second, shifting in an try to equivocate a tab from Cesar Hernandez.

He was visibly undone after being thrown out. That, however, was some-more interjection to a regularity of a form of reduce physique damage that has tormented him both via his career and a stream season.

“It might take 10 days, it might take longer,” Braves manager Brian Snitker pronounced Saturday. “We’ll play it by ear.”

Just 4 games into a 2017 season, Kemp missed dual weeks with a left hamstring injury. In June, he missed 3 games with left hamstring soreness. His hamstring troubles go behind to a ’12 and ’13 seasons, when he also missed time, including dual months in ’12.

The Braves have options to fill Kemp’s empty outfield spot, one being application male Sean Rodriguez, who homered as a pinch-hitter in Friday’s loss.

“It’s a good opprotunity for Sean to get behind in there,” Snitker said. “I kind of feel like he’s removing his timing back, carrying some unequivocally good at-bats, so it’s good to give him an event to play a small bit. There’s a male that had 18 homers final year in singular time, and he’s shown his power.”

Rodriguez's pinch-hit solo homer

Rodriguez was approaching to skip most or all of a 2017 deteriorate after offseason shoulder medicine following a automobile collision in Miami when a automobile he and his family were pushing was strike during an intersection by a male pushing a stolen military car.

“He’s behind, though saying his at-bats removing improved and improved and removing his timing. It’s a good event for him,” Snitker said.

Rodriguez had a shot during a starting second bottom pursuit in his initial deteriorate with a Braves, though his weird collision derailed that possibility and Atlanta subsequently traded for Brandon Phillips.

“I always move — as Joe Maddon pronounced behind in a day one time — my whole toolbox,” Rodriguez pronounced of his former manager in Tampa Bay. “Bring your whole toolbox bland and see that apparatus we have to use that day.”

Rodriguez has played in 10 games given his lapse on Jul 17, starting 5 and entering 5 as a pinch-hitter or defensive replacement.

“From Chicgao to L.A., we saw a few lefties, so we was means to get out there and indeed play more,” Rodriguez said. “We’ll see how they wish to compare things up. If it’s Matt going down and me removing to play, afterwards yeah definitely, let’s do it.”

Rodriguez, a righty, has a career OPS opposite left-handers over 100 points aloft than opposite right-handers.

“We still have Danny [Santana] and we got Lane back, who did a good pursuit here and brings a lot to a bar with his ability set, so we’re covered,” Snitker said. “You hatred losing your clean-up hitter, obviously, though we consider we have guys that can fill in.”

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