Kemp reflects on Post 164 season

SPEARFISH — Spearfish enjoyed what is believed to be a best-ever Legion ball season.

Post 164 prisoner a Region 7B title, warranted runner-up honors in a state tournament, and fake a 35-16 record.

Head manager Matt Kemp reflected on a deteriorate and pronounced he enjoyed a players’ mindset a most.

“They came to play each singular day,” Kemp said. “We didn’t ever have to understanding with any opinion issues.”

Kemp pronounced many of a team’s 16- and 17-year-old players showed a lot of expansion via a season. They enclosed Connor Glasford, Drew Gusso, Taylor Janovy, Cameron Koch, Taylor Woods, and Zach Kozel.

It was not certain how Glasford would fare, according to Kemp. “He finished adult personification a lot of games for us and throwing a lot of innings on a mound,” Kemp said.

Gusso fake a pitching record of 9 wins and dual losses. Koch and Woods were maybe not awaiting to see unchanging varsity time this year though played a lot, according to Kemp.

Spearfish indispensable large things from Janovy and Kozel this deteriorate to knowledge success, Kemp said. “For a many part, they did unequivocally well.”

Post 164 degraded Martin 13-2 to constraint a Region 7B championship and allege to state.

Prior to state, Kemp had pronounced Spearfish indispensable to adopt a Game 7-type of mental corner for state.

“I was so tender with usually a approach that we battled, and a approach that we bounced back,” Kemp said.

Post 164 downed Milbank 4-1 and Winner-Colome 10-0 to open a state tournament.

Spearfish fell 10-0 to Vermillion though outscored Miner-McCook Central 16-11 to strech a championship round. “

It was enlivening to see that a kids didn’t give up,” Kemp said. “They usually kept plugging away.”

A 3-1 detriment to Vermillion meant Post 164 finished second. Despite that, Kemp said, he could not have asked for some-more out of a players.

This year’s group featured usually dual seniors: Jaxon Rosencranz and Donovan Balsley.

Kemp pronounced a dual did accurately what was expected.

“They showed leadership, and they stayed ease when things weren’t going well,” Kemp said. “They both achieved unequivocally well.”

A regard going into a deteriorate was defense. It is a surpassing understatement to contend that softened as time progressed.

“Defensively this is, in my 11 years, one of a best years I’ve ever seen a group play,” Kemp pronounced in describing a defense.

“It started right from a beginning. We usually done so many plays consistently and didn’t make a large mistake, for a many part.”

He combined a pitchers threw a lot of strikes.

Parker Louks was one of a players who unequivocally stepped adult offensively a final few weeks of a season, Kemp said.

Looking forward, Kemp said, he sees a lot of returning talent and players who showed a lot of expansion in 2017.

“Building off that second-place finish, we consider they’ll really have a possibility to be unequivocally good again,” he added.

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