Kemba Walker Is As Good As It Gets For LeBron’s Lakers

Kemba Walker #15 of a Charlotte Hornets competence be a answer for a Lakers who still wish a star to play alongside LeBron James. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)


Plan B doesn’t demeanour so bad with Plan A crumpled adult in a rabble can.

The Lakers should continue their anticipation of alighting a tier-one giveaway agent. It’s good to have dreams. But they should also make arrangements for a some-more picturesque fill-in plan, even if that isn’t accurately a certainty either.

In poring over a best players on a market, a Lakers will purloin by a obvious: Kawhi Leonard, reportedly looking during Los Angeles though the other team; Kevin Durant, a longshot that seems vigilant on heading to New York City; Kyrie Irving, a reunion is accurately what Hollywood competence do underneath a resources though let’s call this one doubtful.

There is also Klay Thompson, of whom his father, Lakers broadcaster Mychal Thompson, recently stated, “I don’t see Klay entrance out here as a savior.”

With $35.4 million presumably available this summer, a Lakers are a child with abounding birthday income though nowhere to spend it.

This is where Kemba Walker comes in, a 28-year-old ensure who is as nearby chosen as delegate superstars come in 2019.

The apparent doubt remains: Do a Lakers have a shot?

For what it’s worth, the Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor overwhelmed on Walker’s situation while violation down a advantages of several teams tanking this season: “If Charlotte misses a postseason, maybe Kemba Walker is some-more expected to leave—making him an choice for a Lakers.”

Well, a Hornets missed a playoffs, finale a deteriorate usually dual games behind a eighth-seed Pistons. This is notwithstanding Walker scoring 25. 6 points per diversion this season, a career high.

The three-time All-Star now has some meditative to do, weighing possibly it is best to stay in Charlotte with a Hornets or dedicate a subsequent apportionment of his career to another franchise.

That awaiting is a core of Yaron Weitzman’s form of Walker for Bleacher Report. Therein lay a pleasing quote attributed to 3 unknown front-office crew who described a conditions brewing in Charlotte as such: “They’re f—ed presumably way.”

The blunt comment is characterized as a humdinger of a stone and a tough place. The stone being a group losing a star and slinking serve from ninth-seed domain and a tough place being a max or even super-max contract, that comes with a risk of overpaying for a star who will be 29 on May 8.

Walker is a glorious talent. However, he was 12th in scoring, 26th in assists (5.9) and 22nd among competent indicate guards in margin idea commission (43.4%).

Now Walker has a conundrum. What he will have to confirm is summarized as such: A five-year, $190 million agreement with a Hornets or the maximum another group can give, a four-year, $140 million payday.

As also noted, Walker is one all-NBA group curtsy divided from subordinate for a supermax of $221 million over 5 years.

It’s a lot of income to leave on a table, generally for a actor who has voiced in a past a willingness to stay in Charlotte.

While a Hornets have to confirm possibly to make Walker an offer he can’t refuse, their authorization actor will exam a open marketplace and learn teams like a Lakers are peaceful to compensate tier-one prices for tier-two production.

The Lakers are in a midst of a LeBron James epoch that will be over before we can contend Smush Parker.

The 34-year-old played in usually 55 games this deteriorate interjection to a groin damage though still posted chosen numbers. When healthy, a Lakers were personification during a rival level.

But there is positively no time to waste.

With a Davis understanding looking grave and no other assistance entrance in from upper-echelon players, someone like Walker is a ideal inclusive scorer to shoulder some of a load from James’ shoulders.

There’s no risk for a Lakers in overpaying for someone like Walker when he is a usually diversion in town. That’s if, and it’s a large if, a Lakers can remonstrate him of some pivotal elements.

First, a immature core is not usually going to be improved though stay on a court.

It’s not that large of a widen to see a Lakers creation a playoffs with a healthy Brandon Ingram if he is a same actor he was usually before he was diagnosed with low capillary thrombosis.

There is no shame in earnest they can give Walker his playoff dream if Kyle Kuzma finds another rigging in his third year.

And we have to like a Lakers on both ends of a justice with a healthy Lonzo Ball on a roster. While presumably not his initial choice, Weitzman points out that Walker didn’t mind personification off a round when Jeremy Lin played alongside him during a 2015-2016 campaign.

At 29, a Lakers get in Walker a ideal overpass from this epoch to whatever happens next.

And remember, a Lakers’ best shot during competing for a pretension is still tied to a maturation of a immature core.

With Rob Pelinka still during a helm and eccentric machinations behind a scenes, assistance is not entrance by approach of trade.

Walker might not be Kawhi or KD, though he is positively a extensive ascent to a register in apocalyptic need of someone who can, we know, hit down a shot on a unchanging basis.

It’s crazy to cruise that we would ever cruise it settling to seize a actor like Walker. But that is where a Lakers, a group that all though guaranteed bringing in another luminary alongside James, find themselves.

And usually to uncover we how bad things have left this year, a Lakers would be immensely advantageous to remonstrate him to enclose purple and gold.

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