Kawhi Leonard trade rumors: Spurs star could cite Sixers, Clippers over Lakers superteam

About a week ago, a Los Angeles Lakers seemed to benefit an corner in a competition to trade for discontented Spurs star Kawhi Leonard. Their assets, and a fact that Leonard reportedly wants to go to L.A., done a Lakers a judicious destination. Other teams would be demure to relinquish poignant players or picks for Leonard if there was a clever possibility he’d only pointer with a Lakers as a giveaway representative subsequent summer anyway.

But now that LeBron James has concluded to join a Lakers, Leonard competence be opening adult his options. Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports reports that Leonard is distant from a close to join a Lakers as a giveaway representative in 2019, and that he isn’t indispensably meddlesome in fasten a group with LeBron. In fact, he competence be some-more open to personification with a Clippers, or even a Philadelphia 76ers

“One thing that’s been done extravagantly clear. I’m going to highlight this: There’s no pledge if Kawhi Leonard hits a marketplace subsequent summer he’s going to pointer with a Lakers, period,” Charania pronounced on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, via RealGM. “I consider his options have broadened a small bit. There’s another group apparently in L.A. we consider he’d be really many open to a Clippers.

“There’s a faith around a joining that if a Sixers came hard, there could be intensity there for him to potentially be there in a long-term.

“Around Kawhi, it’s been done extravagantly transparent there’s not an seductiveness to go join a superteam. we don’t consider he’s jumping for fun that LeBron James is in L.A. with a Lakers. If anything, that’s going to make him look, maybe more, toward a Clippers given this is a man that won Finals MVP opposite LeBron James. You consider he’s amped adult and wants to join LeBron now? we consider that’s been overstated.”

Immediately after James announced his preference to join a Lakers, reports flush observant that the Lakers were still Leonard’s No. 1 destination. Apparently Charania’s sources are now revelation him otherwise.

The Lakers seem to have mislaid some movement in a days given winning a biggest giveaway representative esteem of a offseason. Their peculiar register moves have people doubt their ability to contest in a installed Western Conference, and many feel they missed an event to land DeMarcus Cousins, that authorised him to spin a Warriors into an even some-more diverting monster.

All this to say, Leonard has reason to be heedful about signing on with a Lakers, and teams like a Clippers and Sixers could paint improved situations for him. But let’s not forget that a round is in a Spurs’ court. They can trade Leonard wherever they like, or not trade him during all.

Now that many of a tip giveaway agents have signed, a Kawhi Leonard trade conditions is a many fascinating storyline of a NBA offseason.

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