Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler betray extraordinary shirts about Tiger Woods

It’s been a margin day for Tiger Woods fans of late.

Yes his Ryder Cup opening was, uhh, underwhelming. But that was not going to blunt a fad that poured out in Woods winning a Tour Championship — his 80th PGA Tour pretension and a delight that pennyless a 5-year win drought.

It was never only fans, either, as a array of associate veteran golfers oozed with unrestrained during saying Woods behind in a winner’s circle.

Need any evidence? We offer we these illusory shirts Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler wore with Woods benefaction …

An glorious bid from this span positively jubilant from Woods’ successful comeback.

A lot seems to be going Woods’ approach during a moment. The 14-time vital champion wore Los Angeles Dodgers rigging in a photo, and his group now sports a 2-0 lead in a NLDS array with a Atlanta Braves.

Tiger is good again, and we now have a shirts to infer it.

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