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John Daly won his initial golf contest in 13 years on Sunday and a universe distinguished with a Big Mullet.

Looking glowing in his red shirt and American dwindle pants, Daly basked in a champagne showering on a 18th green. True to his career script, Daly’s initial PGA Tour Champions Title came out of nowhere.

“I only wish a Miller Lite,” he said. “That’s all we want.”

And all we wish is to join a party, though we can’t shake a clarity of sadness. It strike home Monday when Daly was on The Dan Patrick Show and removed an confront with Tiger Woods during a 2004 Target World Challenge.

After a Wednesday pro-am, Daly was knocking behind a few drinks with some buddies in a clubhouse. Woods walked by streamer a examination room, substantially for one of his demented Navy Seal training sessions.

“Man, we don’t need to work out,” Daly told him. “You need to splash a small bit with us.”

“If we had your talent,” Woods said, “I’d be doing a same thing you’re doing.”

I don’t know Daly had some-more talent, though who am we to disagree with Tiger Woods? The biggest leader of complicated times was marveling during a ability of a male who clearly refused to succeed.

When that talent flares like it did in winning a Insperity Invitational in Houston on Sunday, so does a sadness. we can’t assistance meditative what a adversary Woods and Daly could have had, and what it would have meant for golf.

Woods detonate on a stage and supercharged a competition in a mid-1990s, though Daly was one step forward of him. His entrance during a 1991 PGA Championship, when a different from Dardanelle, Ark., got a last-second entry, borrowed Nick Price’s caddy and inebriated his approach to a title.

John Daly during a 1991 PGA Championship

Like Tiger, his interest crossed over to a masses. Daly was Everyman, only a blue collar male in a starched-shirt universe who could hit a round into a subsequent county.

Woods vs. Daly could have been like Magic vs. Bird, if Bird had shot giveaway throws with a cigarette swinging from his lips. Tiger positively hold adult his finish of a deal, while Daly’s life became a fuzz of booze, wives, a longshot British Open win, suspensions, thrown clubs, Doritos, suicidal tendencies, blackjack, rehab, relapses, sponsor’s exemptions, some-more suspensions, some-more booze, some-more rehab, some-more blackjack.

But whenever Daly got nearby a tip of leaderboard, TV ratings peaked as people collected to see what a furious male competence do.

He zoomed past his Ninth Life about 10,000 beers ago. As frustrating as it was to watch, we couldn’t assistance though like a large lug. Daly was always painfully honest about his failings, and nobody suffered some-more for them.

His primary was squandered, though a over-50 debate offering a final possibility during something. Redemption was prolonged gone, though maybe that talent could still give us some thrills.

Sure enough, Daly led a debate in pushing stretch though hadn’t come tighten to winning. Then it all came together Sunday with a one-shot win.

It got some-more courtesy than any golf contest given a Masters. After congratulating Emmanuel Macron for winning a French presidency, Donald Trump tweeted congratulations to Daly for winning a Insperity.

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