Joe Maddon done right pierce in guileless Carl Edwards Jr.

Here’s a deal: It wasn’t a choice of pitcher. It was a choice of pitch.

Before we censure Joe Maddon for not bringing in a maladroit reliever to face Bryce Harper in that fatal eighth inning of Game 2 of a National League Division Series, know this:

Carl Edwards Jr. is one of a Cubs’ best relievers during timid maladroit hitters. Maybe a best, in fact.

Lefties slugged usually .193 opposite him this season, most improved than maladroit relievers Mike Montgomery’s .333 and y Brian Duensing’s .381.

Wade Davis’ .233 slugging commission if you’re meditative about a five-out save by a closer.

Edwards, then, was a right setup male to face Harper and strengthen a Cubs’ lead. He only threw a wrong representation on a 3-and-1 count. That cement-mixer curveball looked like a soft-toss practice opposite a hitter who has struggled given entrance behind from an repairs a final week of a season.

“That was a right option,” Maddon pronounced of adhering with Edwards, and I’m with him. “He hung a curveball and a man didn’t skip it.”

Again, it wasn’t a choice of pitcher. It was a choice of pitch. Somebody remind a Cubs cave that Edwards has a 96 mph fastball.

Ryan Zimmerman with a diversion on a line — and then, bang, a round was out of a park and a diversion was out of palm — Maddon apparently was uninformed out of right-handed relievers he devoted in a tie game. I’m not certain who he trusts as this point.

And my email indicates some doubt who trusts Maddon during this point.

Going behind to a start of 2015, Zimmerman was attack .128 opposite a Cubs entering that eighth inning. Just when we consider there’s no shelf life for a mental sledgehammering from all those conscious walks to Harper …

I don’t get it, though a Nationals continued to representation to Anthony Rizzo with group in scoring position and initial bottom open.

The Nationals did it twice in Game 1, and twice Rizzo gathering in runs, putting a Cubs adult 2-0 and 3-0. Some teams competence learn from that, though a splendidly realistic Nats did it again in Game 2, and Rizzo soon went 3-for-3 /in that conditions with a two-run homer in a fourth inning that put a Cubs adult 3-1.

Some teams competence see a repairs Rizzo does and representation around him, throwing junk out of a section and saying if a Cubs three-hitter will get himself out.

Some teams competence establish that Rizzo is a one Cub who won’t kick them.

The Nats apparently aren’t one of those teams. Who knows, maybe Dusty Baker doesn’t get scouting reports that explain Rizzo slugged .531 with runners in scoring position this year.

TBS doesn’t seem to like regulating a representation box graphic. Don’t be embarrassed, TBS. It’s a good graphic.

Then again, when TBS showed a striking it mostly broke image referee Ron Kulpa, so maybe TBS can’t set adult a camera correctly.

If a video house has to direct that Nationals fans “Get Loud” and if cheerleaders have to run around with placards revelation them to “get on your feet,” afterwards maybe pierce a authorization behind to Montreal and give Youppi! another chance.

Starting pitchers who made their playoff debuts in a multiplication array this week — Boston’s Chris Sale and Arizona’s Taijuan Walker — authorised a total 11 warranted runs in 6 innings for a ERA of 16.50. Heads up, Jose Quintana.

What’s up, Reed Johnson?

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