Joe LaCava on dinners with Tiger Woods and because Fred Couples …

Joe LaCava, who is Tiger Woods’ caddie, is a lot some-more than only . . . well, Tiger Woods’ caddie. LaCava’s career started when he looped for his cousin, Ken Green, afterwards spent 20 years on a bag for Fred Couples. After a 6 month reign with Dustin Johnson, LaCava sealed on with Woods in 2011. LaCava assimilated us on a Golf Digest Podcast to tell us stories and share his discernment from his 30-plus years operative for some of a best players on tour.

On a podcast, Lacava discusses a singular caddie-player relationship, how caddies hoop moments when they feel a need to overrule their players (starting during timestamp 23:50), and what unequivocally goes on when a caddie and actor comprehend it’s time to partial ways (12:38).

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He also shares stories from a bags he’s been on, from using to buy an responding appurtenance for a phone in his parents’ residence so he wouldn’t skip a call when he was perplexing to get hired by Couples behind in 1989 (6:45), to a routine of removing to know Tiger early in their relationship—highlighted by a extraordinary initial cooking a dual had together (11:00).

To hear all of LaCava’s stories, listen to a full podcast by clicking play on a couple below, or we can find us in a Apple Podcast app on your iPhone or iPad.

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