Joe Gibbs described his repelled greeting to Carl Edwards’ sudden NASCAR exit

Carl Edwards stunned a NASCAR world when walked divided from racing in Jan of 2017, usually a few weeks before a start of a season. And that enclosed group owners Joe Gibbs.

The new NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee was a guest on a Dale Jr. Download podcast this week, and he explained how Edwards abruptly told him he was job it a career after 28 wins and 13 seasons in a NASCAR Cup Series.

“I would have to contend that review competence have been my tip 5 as distant as shocks for me in life,” Gibbs told Dale Earnhardt Jr. and podcast co-host Mike Davis.

Certainly, it takes a lot to startle a male who’s been in NASCAR given 1992 and who coached a Washington Redskins to 3 Super Bowl championships.

But Edwards withdrawal NASCAR astounded everyone, generally given he was entrance off a 2016 deteriorate in that he scarcely won his initial championship. While announcing his decision, he privately didn’t use a word “retire” in box he ever motionless to lapse to a competition track.

But scarcely dual and a half years later, that doesn’t seem like a picturesque possibility.

Gibbs explained that he was so held off ensure during initial that he had to make certain Edwards knew what he was doing. And to this day, Gibbs pronounced he still doesn’t entirely know what done Edwards confirm to leave NASCAR. More from a Dale Jr. Download:

“They said, ‘Hey, Carl’s outside.’ It was after a season. we figured he was going to come in and wish me a happy offseason and a good Christmas. And he comes in and sits down and goes, ‘Joe,’ he says, ‘I cruise we done adult my mind. I’mma step out of racing.’ And we went, ‘What?!’

“I was sitting there, and we go, ‘You do comprehend that each immature man your age wants to expostulate a competition automobile and make a ton of money? Are we certain you’re doing a right thing?’ And never unequivocally ever got to a [why]. He said, ‘I’m not going to share with we — I’m not going to share with anybody — a genuine bottom lines.’ But we cruise [he did] with his mother and him and a kids.

“I will contend this right now, we feel good about it from a standpoint. We still speak each now and then. Last time we called him, he was on his vessel in a Bahamas. we said, ‘Well, you’re doing flattering good.’”

At a time of Edwards’ announcement, he explained it was, in part, not since of bad health though since he felt healthy after being in such a dangerous competition for so prolonged and wanted to safety that. He also pronounced it wasn’t a income thing, and notwithstanding not winning a championship, he was confident with his career.

Daniel Suárez primarily transposed Edwards in a No. 19 Toyota for dual seasons before fasten Stewart-Haas Racing in 2019. Martin Truex Jr. now drives a 19 automobile for JGR.

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