Jeff Lurie wants to horde breeze again, thinks Super Bowl is longshot …

Eagles owners Jeff Lurie on Thursday hold an unpretentious press contention and addressed several topics. In box we missed any of a stories (all related below), here are a highlights:

Postseason or bust? Lurie refuses to exhibit deteriorate expectations
Despite a intensity authorization quarterback entering his second year, notwithstanding offseason acquisitions like Torrey Smith, Alshon Jeffery, Tim Jernigan and first-round collect Derek Barnett, and notwithstanding a register that’s so healthy all 53 guys used this week, Lurie refused to contend he has postseason expectations for a 2017 Eagles.

“I see us as a group with an glorious blueprint, good opportunity, superb direction, though we’re in Year 2 of a plan,” Lurie said.

Lurie: ‘I have real, sum certainty in Howie’
Howie Roseman’s resume in 7 years as Eagles general manager includes no playoff wins. It lists usually dual postseason appearances in his initial 6 years as GM. It facilities 56 players drafted (not including this year), usually 3 of whom have done a Pro Bowl (Jason Kelce, Nick Foles, Fletcher Cox).

That’s adequate for Lurie, who gave Howie Roseman a rousing opinion of confidence Thursday in a singular assembly with a Philly media.

Lurie wants to horde breeze again, though Super Bowl a prolonged shot
Jeff Lurie done it flattering transparent he’d like for Philadelphia to horde a NFL breeze again. 

And he’d like to horde a Super Bowl too — but he’s distant reduction confident about those chances. 

Is Colin Kaepernick is being blacklisted? ‘It doesn’t work that way
Lurie refuted a idea that NFL teams are “blacklisting” free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick. At a same time, Lurie was possibly incompetent or reluctant to contend either a Eagles would have any seductiveness in signing Kaepernick should quarterback turn a need.

“I consider a clarification of ‘blacklist’ is some contention among people to not sinecure or not approve or something like that,” Lurie said. “I’ve never had a contention with anybody.

“It doesn’t work that way. There’s no communication. We’re really rival opposite any other, a 32 owners. we don’t exhibit anything. They don’t exhibit anything. There’s no contention that ever takes place about any player. In my 23 years in a league, I’ve never listened any contention of a actor like that.

Lurie on stability his reign of Eagles: ‘I’m spooky with this thing’
After 23 years and 0 championships, Lurie is as committed as ever to remaining a owners of the Eagles.

Lurie said Thursday that as his reign tenure nears a entertain of a century, his passion for a position is aloft than ever and he has never entertained any idea to sell a franchise.

“Oh my God, no,” Lurie pronounced in an talk following a press conference. “Not a possibility on a planet. No. You can tell Wall Street forget about it.”

Lurie ‘would love’ to move behind kelly immature unis
Lurie suggested during a NFL owners meetings in Mar he would like to see kelly immature reintroduced as an swap colorway. The roadblock, Lurie revealed, is joining manners now dissuade players from regulating mixed helmets, that means while a Eagles could go to kelly immature pants and jerseys, they would be stranded with midnight immature helmets.

Lurie reiterated on Thursday he wants to see a retro kelly immature to make a return, and is actively perplexing to get a order changed.

Lurie calls shots during Doug Pederson ‘clickbait‘ and ‘hot takes’
Doug Pederson competence wish to send Mike Lombardi a fruit basket. Because now everybody has come to Pederson’s defense.

On Thursday, Eagles owner Lurie combined himself to a flourishing list. 

“First of all, those comments, we guys call it clickbait or prohibited takes,” Lurie said. “That’s how we saw that.”

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