Jeff Gordon talks with all 4 Hendrick drivers about a new group energetic for 2018

– Got dual new guys here, we got a new car. Chase, new series this year. Obviously, that was your dad’s number, though we won a championship, an Xfinity, in that number.

– People say, ah, we know, blissful to see we removing your dad’s number. Listening to him respond to people, he said, good that’s as most Chase’s series as it was mine. And we take a lot of honour in that. we would never be a initial one to contend that. But we do consider it has some truth. I’ve run a series ever given we started racing go-karts, reduction only a few races here and there. So to have a eventuality is awesome, and it’s my favorite number, so it’s a good fit.

– What do we consider it’s going to take to get that win this year?

– It’s been a prolonged road. A lot of people kind of got a myth that we don’t have that fire.

– The fender to a behind of a 24!

– Showing his displeasure.

– It was good to see. we favourite it. we wish to see some some-more of that in ’18.

– Yeah, well, I’d like to see reduction of races finale like that, would be great. There unequivocally is a lot of fire, and it’s always been there with me. Just given we lift yourself a certain approach doesn’t meant we don’t care.

– You know you’re a comparison personality now. And when we contend senior, we don’t meant only that you’ve been here a longest.

– we have small bit of age on these guys.

– You take these dual guys, Chase and William’s ages together, and you’re still comparison than them. Did we know that?

– That’s bad news. we wasn’t wakeful of that. Thank you, buddy.

– I’ve seen we take on this whole new care role. You sent out a twitter about we holding a kids to lunch. How’s this attribute going to be this year with these 3 immature guys?

– You know, by my career, I’ve had good happening to have mentors like yourself. And we knew during some indicate in my career or my life, that would shift. we wasn’t certain it’d occur during once with 3 guys, though we vividly remember when we initial came in. And we pity things with me that we saw differently or approached differently.

And we know for a fact it’s going to occur with William and Alex and even Chase. I’m unequivocally excited. we wish to be improved during that. And I’m perplexing to take stairs now to learn more, learn how to be a improved leader.


– William, we still am vacant how quick of a path, given a initial time we got behind a circle of a competition car. we mean, does that blow your mind?

– It’s incredible. we mean, we grew adult examination races as a kid. we get to do this for a vital now, and get to be in a automobile that a lot of kids would dream about being in.

– Everybody knows you’re a unequivocally good student. Jimmy Johnson’s your neighbor. Do we only take your book bag and go to propagandize any morning over to Jimmy Johnson’s residence to learn?

– He’s a best one to learn from. Your assistance and Jimmy’s assistance has been unequivocally critical to me, and there are things we have to learn. And we feel like we try to competition things that are going to plea me in opposite ways. Race some RC cars any now and then.

– we consider we were adult in Ohio?

– Yeah.

– So it was a large event.

– Five days in a, fundamentally a warehouse, and disastrous 10 degrees outside. Racing RC cars is kind of a opposite dimension. You’re not in a automobile feeling it. What we satisfied is that a guys that are successful in that have a same mindset of guys that are successful in any form of racing. I’m flattering green. we only have to keep training any week.

– So Alex, what is that like being in a spotlight of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.? Do we feel a lot of pressure?

– Not really.

– Or we don’t wish to acknowledge it?

– No, we feel like we put some-more vigour on myself to perform. At this indicate in my career, we only wish to go have fun.


(SINGING) When it all depends for something. And your pocket’s full of nothing.

– We indeed have 81 starts. More than Chase Elliott.

– It was a blessing in costume to get to run full time for dual years with unequivocally nobody watching, and make a rookie mistakes. And it’s unequivocally going to assistance me going forward.

– You consider there’s anybody in 2018 that’s appreciating being behind a circle some-more than you?

– Definitely not.


(SINGING) we can guarantee you, approbation we am a romantic too.

– Wow, that thing is fast.

– Alex Bowman has only won a gold.

– What a disproportion a year creates for Alex Bowman.

– I’ve left into this indicate of a year meditative we had a float and sitting on a cot a rest of a year. It became something that we never suspicion was going to happen. There were times that we was flattering down and out, and suspicion about opposite career paths. Just didn’t give adult and kept digging. we still can’t trust that we finished adult here. we can’t put into difference how elegant and how grateful we am for a opportunity.


(SINGING) Yes, we am a romantic too.

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