Jeff Gordon Comeback? This One Thing Could Entice NASCAR Legend

Jeff Gordon Comeback? This One Thing Could Entice NASCAR Legend

By all accounts, Jeff Gordon is enjoying his retirement.

There is one thing, however, that could examine a NASCAR fable out of a promote counter and put him behind behind a wheel.

Gordon spends many of his time in North Carolina, though has a soothing spot for New York. He has an unit in Manhattan, vacations in a Hamptons and both his children were innate in a Big Apple, according to Newsday.

And if NASCAR ever motionless to put a brief lane in a New York area, Gordon competence not be means to assistance himself.

“Man, we would give anything,” Gordon told Newsday on Thursday. “That competence even move me behind to pushing if we had a lane during a Meadowlands.

” … Going down to Teterboro (Airport) from time to time, going by a Meadowlands all a time and saying all a things they’re building that are all sports-related, we only wish we could have figured out a approach to get a competition lane there, generally a brief track. You demeanour during a report and we desperately wish another brief track.”

Gordon done a comments during a Financial Planning Association of Long Island event. The eventuality was partial of Nationwide’s partnership of Hendrick Motorsports, Gordon’s former team.

NASCAR, in fact, scarcely satisfied Gordon’s dream some-more than a decade ago. International Speedway Corporation owned a tract of land in Staten Island from 2004 to 2013, though never did anything with it. As it stands right now, a NASCAR lane in a New York civil area feels like an impassioned longshot.

And that, for miss of a improved word, stinks. As Gordon said, NASCAR could use another brief lane on a schedule. Yes, Bristol Motor Speedway, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Martinsville Speedway, Richmond Raceway and Dover International Speedway are great, though another brief lane — generally one in New York — certainly would yield a jar to a competition in unfortunate need of one.

And don’t sneer during a thought that New Yorkers would be meddlesome in something like NASCAR. The state, like most of a northeast, has a abounding pavement racing history, and ranks among a top in a competition in terms of altogether viewership, according to Newsday.

“The series of people examination in New York is huge,” Gordon said. “There are a extensive series of fans … we consider they wouldn’t have any problem stuffing a stands.”

To be clear: No one is suggesting that NASCAR put a lane in a center of Manhattan, Brooklyn, or any of a 5 boroughs, for that matter. That would be stupid. But a brief lane in a surrounding area? It’s an assertive idea, to be sure, though it’s not a bad one.

Plus, if zero else, it could lead to a lapse of a Rainbow Warrior.

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