Japanese Sports Official Worries That Olympic Excitement Will Decrease Because Star Swimmer Was Diagnosed With Leukemia

Photo: Matt Roberts (Getty)

This week Japanese swimming star Rikako Ikee announced that she has been diagnosed with leukemia and is starting diagnosis for a cancer. Ikee, 18, won 6 bullion medals during a 2018 Asians and was approaching to contend for several medals during a 2020 Olympics, that are being hosted in Tokyo.

While many people would be endangered for her contentment and only that, Tokyo 2020 Olympics Minister Yoshitaka Sakurada voiced his regard that Ikee’s deficiency from a Games will moderate unrestrained for a home Olympics.

According to Asahi, Sakurada said:

“On a 12th, according to an NHK report, Sakurada pronounced about Rikako Ikee’s diagnosis ‘She’s an contestant that Japan has put high expectations on, so of march [the diagnosis] is disappointing. Of course, we wish for a rapid recovery. But we am disturbed that fad will decrease.’”

Well, during slightest he also wished her a rapid recovery.

This criticism did not go over good with other officials. Kiyomi Tsujimoto, a politician from Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, said, “Of march you’d contend that as Olympics [commissioner], though we can’t contend that as a tellurian being.”


Kazuhiro Haraguchi of a National Democratic Party, said, “I can’t disremember this inhuman remark. It deserves a discerning dismissal.”

All Japanese content was translated by Victoria Song.

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