Jake Guentzel is a pivotal to a Penguins winning a Stanley Cup

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In a blink of an eye, Pittsburgh Penguins rookie Jake Guentzel flipped roles from a feel-good story of a playoffs to a phenom with ascent vigour to stay hot.

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  • The Penguins raced out to a 2-0 lead over a Nashville Predators in a Stanley Cup Final, creation it seem as if they were on a quick lane to Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin‘s second true Stanley Cup, and a third of their careers. Guentzel scored dual goals in Game 2, pulling his playoff sum to 12, only dual bashful of Dino Ciccarelli‘s rookie playoff goal-scoring record. Guentzel also leads a playoffs with 5 game-winning goals. But a success of Pittsburgh’s 22-year-old winger was mostly a side note in a Cup review compared to a possibility for Crosby and Malkin to indurate their legacies.

    All that speak finished when a array shifted to Nashville.

    Guentzel scored his 13th playoff idea in Game 3, though a Penguins were blown out 5-1 by a Preds, who seemed to feast off a atmosphere of their home arena. In Game 4, Nashville hold a former third-round collect off a house wholly in a 4-1 feat that curled a array during dual games apiece.

    Throughout a second half of a unchanging deteriorate and playoffs, Pittsburgh has come to count on a first-year winger to be a tip producer. Now with a array tied, chasing Ciccarelli’s record becomes irrelevant. Now a spotlight is on Guentzel to continue scoring if a Penguins are going to have a possibility to kick a puck possession-dominating Predators.

    Can Pittsburgh set adult a immature descent hustler in a position to attain during a rest of a Cup Final? The answer lies in how Guentzel got here.

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