Jack Nicklaus: Tiger Woods has ‘got to be a small selfish’ with health and schedule

DUBLIN, Ohio – Even before Tiger Woods slipped into his fifth immature coupler progressing this year, Jack Nicklaus remained austere that time was on Woods’ side per his office of Nicklaus’ symbol of 18 vital titles. Now that Woods is one step closer to a many famous record in golf, Nicklaus isn’t changing his tune. But he is charity a word of caution.

Woods’ 15th vital win shook a competition final month, and it reignited discuss over either he could make a critical run during Nicklaus’ sum as he approaches his 44th birthday. During his annual news discussion as contest horde of a Memorial Tournament, Nicklaus reiterated that Woods has a good possibility to compare or kick his symbol – even if there’s still a rival side of him that hopes he stays alone atop a record books.

“Nobody wants their annals broken. we don’t wish him to mangle my records, though we don’t wish him not to be means to play, and not be physically sound to play,” Nicklaus said. “I mean, if he’s physically sound and it’s his enterprise to win and he breaks it, we know, good done. That’s what it should be. That’s what sports is all about.”

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But Nicklaus was discerning to indicate out a biggest non-static when it comes to Woods’ renaissance: his health. While a spinal alloy medicine he underwent in 2017 has privileged a trail for his lapse to a upper-echelon of a game, not even Woods knows how prolonged his once-ailing physique will be means to perform during a stream level. And he’s not removing any younger.

“You’ve had as many operations as he’s had, he competence be plain adequate that it’s all right. And if he is, we consider he substantially will mangle my record,” Nicklaus said. “But he’s 43 years old, and when we get to be 43 years aged we start to get a small creak here and a small creak there, and all of a remarkable each day is not a same.”

As an example, Nicklaus recounted a turn a dual played together before this year’s Masters, one in that Woods dismissed a stress-free 64 though mentioned that his neck was bothering him. The damage was cited as a precautionary reason because Woods bypassed a Arnold Palmer Invitational in early Mar notwithstanding his stellar lane record during Bay Hill.

For Nicklaus, it was a pointer that Woods’ best choice relocating brazen competence be to work smart, not hard. Woods’ light report following his Masters delight shows he competence be of a identical mindset.

“He’s going to have a lot some-more of those problems. We all have a lot of those problems,” he said. “But if we conduct them and we know how to take caring of yourself, we know how to gait yourself, we can do that. And he’s during a age where he needs to gait himself. He can’t only do all everybody asks him to do. He’s got to be a small selfish, and that’s OK.”

Note: Watch Tiger Woods’ opening turn during a Memorial Tournament on PGA Tour Live, commencement during 8 a.m. ET on Thursday.

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