Jack Nicklaus doesn’t "understand what Tiger Woods is struggling with"

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jul 27 (UPI) — His blonde thatch and rugged physique warranted him a nickname “The Golden Bear.”

So it should be no warn to anyone that Jack Nicklaus‘ subsequent vast post-golf try nests in a food industry. Nicklaus isn’t pestering a tents of sleeping campers, though obliging appetites of inspired aeroplane passengers.

The Golden Bear Grill non-stop Wednesday in a Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The restaurant’s menu facilities many of a equipment Nicklaus enjoyed from a kitchen of his wife, Barbara, during a golf career travelling some-more than 40 years. When Nicklaus, 76, wasn’t articulate about graham-cracker-crusted Key Lime Pie, he spoke about generational opposition Tiger Woods and a crowd of golfers snubbing a Rio Olympics.


Golf was not partial of a Olympics during Nicklaus’ run during a record 18 veteran vital titles. That could have been what led him to consider that players such as a World’s No. 1 golfer Jason Day, No. 2 Dustin Johnson, No. 3 Jordan Spieth, No. 4 Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott, Graeme McDowell, and others were “selfish” for not usurpation a respect to paint their countries.

Now, like he did so good during his worshiped career, Nicklaus is creation an composition to his analysis.

“I felt bad for a diversion of golf when guys initial started [dropping out],” Nicklaus said. “I suspicion maybe it was a small greedy on their partial to not grow a diversion of golf.”

“Then we started meditative some-more about it and suspicion maybe we shouldn’t have pronounced that given it’s not about that. They aren’t about flourishing golf right now. They are into personification golf. I’m into flourishing golf given I’m past my time. we demeanour to a destiny of what happens to it. These guys are meditative ‘how do we make a living, how do we perform?’ If they get sick, and afterwards all of a remarkable they have a family that gets sick, afterwards they’ve got another emanate other than what they are perplexing to do…making a vital in golf and to be means to perform during their best and tip level”.

“I’ve taken a conflicting side of my possess opinion.”

Nicklaus forked during golf’s outside inlet when speculating about given a sport’s tip athletes fear for their health amid Zika virus concerns.

“I don’t know possibly golf will stay in a Olympics, given of what is going on right now, given they are voting on it subsequent year,” Nicklaus said. “They are going to be in a 2020 [Olympics]. The thing is for many sports, a Olympics are a apex of that sport. Tennis and golf, a Olympics aren’t a apex of those sports…Wimbledon, U.S. Open, a Masters, British Open, are a apex of a sports. It has finished ok with tennis, that has survived by a Olympics and went unequivocally well. we consider golf has to get started and understand. we consider that this year a guys had a terrible time perplexing to figure out their schedules. They were perplexing to figure out how they are going to play a British Open, afterwards jam in a PGA before a Olympics, that is what they are doing this week. So they’ve had other issues.”

“The Zika has been a vast partial of it. A lot of them are immature guys. In many sports that are played they play in a track or indoors in an auditorium or something like that. They are out on a trickery down subsequent to a mire area. There are going to be mosquitos there and that’s substantially going to be an emanate for them.”


Nicklaus pronounced that he has sent several content messages back-and-forth with Tiger Woods, though he hasn’t “talked” to him given a Masters. Woods now trails Nicklaus with 14 vital titles, for many all-time. But a days are adding adult given when Woods won his last. He final hoisted a vital prize during a 2008 U.S. Open.

His health concerns are something Nicklaus is unknown with as he certified he didn’t “understand” what Woods is going through.

“I’ve kept adult with it and I’ve had a integrate texts behind and forth, though we haven’t unequivocally talked,” Nicklaus said. “He’s struggling. we don’t know what he is struggling with, though we know he is struggling and he would be personification if he could play.”

While he wants to stay during a tip of a golf world, Nicklaus would acquire Woods’ resurgence.

“Nobody wants their annals to be broken, though we don’t have a problem if he does,” Nicklaus said. “I’ve always felt that way. Records are finished to be broken. You’ve finished a best that we could do. If somebody does improved than that, good done. Give him a handshake, smile, and contend good luck. we don’t have a problem with that.”

“I consider he’s so gifted and still comparatively immature in propinquity to a diversion of golf, that we still consider he’s got a unequivocally good shot during doing it. I’ve never had a conditions like that. we apparently don’t know it given we haven’t been in a center of it. You don’t know what’s going by somebody’s conduct when they’ve been harmed as prolonged as he’s been injured.”

Nicklaus never spent 4 years between vital titles between 1963 and 1980. Woods also never spent 4 years between vital titles between 1997 and 2008.


You can penetrate into plush golden armchairs and get a feel of being in a posh hall now in Terminal three, confluence E. It’s all partial of Nicklaus’ postgame play: his brand.

Look to Barbara Nicklaus as a one who kept his engine using all of these years with her tasty dishes.

“It’s attributed to a longevity of my stomach right now,” Nicklaus joked. “Most of a food I’ve eaten many of my life has apparently come from Barbara and she’s schooled how to cook…we had 4 boys and all 5 of a kids went to college on Division 1 scholarships, so they are all athletes. She has always baked for somebody personification sports all of their life and so her whole thing has been a healthy diet and plain diet and one that people could perform on.”

It’s no tip for what Barbara and Jack have always been, and will always be: a team. They worked together, with their daughter Nan O’Leary, and family recipes to emanate an endless menu with a home-cooked feel. One of a menu equipment is meatloaf, handed down in a recipe from Nicklaus’ mother. Barbara expelled a cookbook ‘Well Done!’ in January.

“We were both 20 when we got married and we kind of feel like we’ve grown adult together,” Barbara said. “…Kind of in a team. Whatever he does is excellent and I’ve enjoyed being a breeze underneath his wings. He’s always finished me a partial of whatever he has been doing. So he’s always finished me feel special. It has been a good ride.”

The Nicklaus’ teamed adult with a Buffalo-based concessionaire Delaware North on a venture. Nicklaus pronounced they devise to open another plcae subsequent month in South Carolina. He attributed a reason for his late start into branding to a inlet of a game.

“When we played golf, we played golf to win and build a name so we could go make a living,” Nicklaus said. “Because we couldn’t make a vital on a golf course. The guys currently can make a vital on a golf course. Which is totally opposite from when we played. Now they also have seen what has happened with brands.”

“I wish we would have started 20 years earlier, though we was too bustling working. we had to possibly rest on golf and pattern golf courses or build a brand. we chose what we enjoyed, that was personification golf and building a golf courses. All of a remarkable as we got a small older, we started to comprehend when a golf march business went south, when a economy went south about 10 years ago, we had to figure out what we wanted to do. Well my bequest is going to be in my brand. How foolish was we for all those years not to comprehend that? Now we work heavily on a brand. It’s my bequest with my family and my partners in business and that’s what we are perplexing to do.”

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