Is Stephen Curry Reason LeBron James Joined Lakers? Shaquille O’Neal Explains

Is Stephen Curry Reason LeBron James Joined Lakers? Shaquille O’Neal Explains

LeBron James is a newest face of a Los Angeles Lakers, as a star inaugurated to leave a Cleveland Cavaliers to join one of a NBA’s many storied franchises in giveaway agency.

Since a immature Lakers don’t now have the look of a championship team, many have speculated that James’ pierce to LA is some-more about other opportunities than winning titles.

But a Laker good isn’t shopping that.

Shaquille O’Neal, who won 3 championships with a Lakers from 2000-02, was asked by Sports Illustrated if James still is driven by a vigour of winning 3 titles. O’Neal went into an explanation of King James’ decision to join a Purple and Gold. The Hall of Fame core believes a 33-year-old came to LA with a specific goal: kick Stephen Curry.

“I consider right now, his routine is to have some-more than Steph Curry,” O’Neal said. “When we win championships, we wish to surpass your opponent. He has 3 and for a while he was adult there by himself. Now Steph Curry has three. So I’m certain his mindset is, “I got to get four, before he gets four.”

Curry and a Golden State Warriors have been a thorn in James’ side for a past 4 years, violence a star brazen in 3 of a past 4 NBA Finals to give Curry a same volume of rings as James.

The Warriors will enter subsequent deteriorate as a complicated favorites to once again lift a Larry O’Brien Trophy. So if James unequivocally is focused on carrying some-more valuables than Curry (he’s not), afterwards a Lakers improved start surrounding him with high-level talent instead of maestro playmakers who miss sharpened ability.

But if we ask Lakers ubiquitous manager Rob Pelinka, surrounding James with Rajon Rondo and Lance Stephenson is all part of a plan to kick a Warriors.

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