Is DeMarcus Cousins Really a Good Fit for a Warriors?

DeMarcus Cousins signing a one-year, $5.3 million understanding to go to a Warriors repelled many around a basketball universe Monday, though is Boogie even a good fit for a NBA champions? On a latest Open Floor podcast, Ben Golliver and Andrew Sharp plead if a Warriors should have followed a wing instead of signing Cousins, how Boogie will fit in their complement and a concerns Golden State should have going into a season. 

(Listen to a latest Open Floor Podcast here. The following twin has been edited and precipitated for clarity.)

Andrew Sharp: So we have a doubt here from Linda, who says, “I’m a longtime listener given late 2017 and this is my initial time emailing in. we usually need to know if this is a prohibited take. Boogie will not urge a Warriors and a signing indeed hurts Golden State. Did anyone leave those playoffs meditative that what a Warriors need is to supplement another center? The event cost to regulating a mid-level difference on Boogie is that they won’t be regulating it to supplement wing depth. With Iggy another year older, that’s where their concentration should have been. we usually consider there are some-more downsides than upsides with this move.” What do we think, Ben?

Ben Golliver: Well initial off, conclude you, Linda. Fantastic question, illusory logic. we like where you’re entrance from though we don’t determine exactly. we don’t consider it’s a prohibited take initial of all. we consider it’s ideally reasonable opinion to have.

Sharp: we consider a lot of intelligent basketball people, that was their initial thought. Like, wait a second, didn’t—well indeed no, a initial suspicion was unequivocally like what a ruin is happening. Oh my God they unequivocally sealed Boogie. But like 4 or 5 notches down a list of reactions was ‘huh, maybe they should have sealed a wing. I’m not certain how most clarity this makes.’ But continue.

Golliver: we was usually gonna say, no one came out of those playoffs thinking, “oh they totally need to supplement another center” since they have 6 of them and they were all stiffs or immature guys, right? Like when we watch Zaza Pachulia play, of course, we wish them to go small, right? Like Boogie Cousins is not Zaza Pachulia. He has a ton of red flags. I’m not a world’s biggest fan. we meant each singular thing that we worry about, either it’s personality, injury, group play, conditioning. It’s kind of funny, we move adult his weight about 10 pounds each podcast and we conclude we doing that.

Sharp: (laughs)

New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors

Golliver: Those are all unequivocally genuine concerns, right? But if you’re Golden State, you’re usually ideally positioned to hoop all of it. Like we don’t need to rush him back, we can fundamentally usually cut his mins if he’s not personification a “right way,” we don’t have to play him in break time situations. we consider they’re still going to go tiny and so we adore to kind of jester Kevin Durant as a purpose player, we consider Boogie Cousins will actually, since of a damage especially, breeze adult being a “role player” for them.

There have been situations where they could use a man who could usually go out and get a bucket as a counter. Like if you’re personification switch-happy defenses, we could usually chuck a round to Boogie Cousins on a man who’s 6’ 6”, forget about it. And he lives on a giveaway chuck line, he pounds defenses, he’s going to, in some circumstances, forestall a recession that grown when Kevin Durant was doing a small too most during a postseason. I’ve got concerns on how good he’s going to be means to keep up, generally after a injury. But, again, is it misfortune afterwards stepping out on screens opposite guys like Zaza descending all over people and injuring half of a Golden State roster? No, he’s not.

In terms of a wing abyss issue, we totally hear we and if they had a choice, Andrew, between Boogie Cousins and Trevor Ariza, we consider they would have taken Trevor Ariza, right? But Ariza went for $15 million on a one-year understanding and a lot of a other guards, that was arrange of a renouned approach. It’s like, lets get as many dollars as we can on a short-term contract. Teams didn’t wish to dedicate long-term this summer. So like Tyreke Evans kind of cashes out this summer in Indiana.

So for that reason, some of a wings they would have wanted were out of their cost range. So if we go, we can supplement an “All-Star size player” once he’s healthy during a postseason when he’s encouraged during a agreement year and afterwards we can worry about a wing abyss issues with a smallest income slots down a line, we consider you’re usually excellent there. But it was a hole. And it was a usually hole they had during a playoffs was a one she identified with a wing depth.

But I’m not unequivocally that endangered about Iguodala aging. He looked excellent when they indispensable him, right? The health issues in a Western Conference finals was concerning though they got some-more than adequate when they got him on a justice with their best 5 to brush by a Finals. we usually don’t consider it’s not something they should be caring too most about.

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