Is Cristiano Ronaldo a biggest Real Madrid actor of all time?

Cristiano Ronaldo will go down in story as one of a game’s greats. The Portuguese is Real Madrid’s all-time tip goalscorer, with some-more than 400 strikes for Los Blancos, while he has 4 Ballons d’Or and 4 Champions League crowns – 3 with a Spanish side.

But can he be deliberate a club’s best-ever player?

Ask around during Barcelona and everybody will tell we that Lionel Messi is a excellent footballer to play for a Catalan club. In fact, many will go serve and explain that a Argentine is a best actor in a story of football.

That he is deliberate Barca’s best is understandable. Messi has been during a forefront of a club’s many successful era, heading a Blaugrana to dual trebles (in 2008-09 and 2014-15), 8 Liga titles and featuring in 4 out of their five Champions League crowns, scoring in additional of 500 goals along a approach and environment adult many, many more.

Down in Madrid, Ronaldo has been shining too in that time. The Portuguese surpassed Raul’s record of 323 goals for Madrid in 2015 and averages somewhat over one per diversion for Real. It is an implausible lapse on a €94 million paid by Los Blancos to Manchester United in 2009.

Cristiano Ronaldo stats

But while Barca’s best epoch has happened in new years underneath Pep Guardiola and after with Luis Enrique as coach, this is not a standout impulse in Real Madrid’s story – notwithstanding a team’s 3 Champions League triumphs over a past 4 seasons.

When Goal spoke to fans outward a Santiago Bernabeu recently, not many picked Ronaldo as a excellent footballer in a club’s history, even yet all of them did acknowledge that he is among a really best players to have pulled on the famous white shirt.

“In a story of Real Madrid, there have been great, good players,” a club’s former goalkeeper Paco Buyo told Goal. “It would be astray of us if we forgot players like [Alfredo] Di Stefano, who is one of a greats not usually during Real Madrid, though in football.

“I consider Cristiano is a loyal Real Madrid fable for all he has achieved, though we consider it is formidable to contend he is a best actor to have upheld by a club. He is certainly in a tip three.”

Real Madrid 1960

Madrid have been sanctified with an array of fantastic footballers over a years and maybe it comes down to personal welfare and age. Many younger fans will collect Cristiano as a best ever, while the comparison ones remember a club’s golden epoch in a 1950s and 1960s.

“There are many players,” pronounced Buyo, a six-time Liga personality with Madrid in a 1980s and 1990s. “There’s [Ferenc] Puskas, [Paco] Gento. Gento won 6 European Cups! There’s so many. It would be unfair to forget them since football has no memory and we many don’t remember what has left before. We concentration on a present.”

So in years to come, will this group be remembered as Cristiano’s Real Madrid like a side from a 1950s and 1960s is mostly removed as a one led by Di Stefano?

“Cristiano is a star in each sense,” Buyo said. “He has won it all with Real Madrid, he even won a Euros with his inhabitant group and that shows his level. But it will count on what happens in a entrance years, if he wins some-more Champions Leagues for example. The Real Madrid of Di Stefano, Gento, [Raymond] Kopa, Puskas… they won 5 European Cups in a quarrel and that is an unusual legacy.”

Gento Real Madrid

Former Boca Juniors, River Plate and Argentina goalkeeper Hugo Gatti gave some discernment into only how special Di Stefano was as a actor and also said that it is formidable to make a comparison between his compatriot and Ronaldo.

“I played opposite Alfredo in a reverence review for Gento (with River during a Bernabeu) in 1965 and in 1984 or 1985, he was my manager during Boca,” he told Goal. “Now and again, he would play around with a round and join in, with those sprints he always did. And during a age of 70 he was faster than all of us!

“He was a best. For me, after Pele, who was a best in a world, a best in history, Alfredo comes next. So a comparison with Cristiano is difficult.”

Gatti, who spends half a year in Madrid where he works as a radio pundit, is a unchanging during a Bernabeu these days and a fan of a Spanish side. He is also a fixed believer of Ronaldo.

“I’m an suitor of Cristiano in each sense,” he said. “On a pitch, he’s a series one. But we have to be good off a representation as well. And for me, Cristiano, on and off a pitch, is a series one. He is special. we adore Cristiano. He’s a leader.”

Alfredo Di Stefano Real Madrid 1962

While today’s players see their each pierce prisoner on camera, however, footage of Di Stefano is fairly rare and many of his career can't be watched on video or on a Internet. So what was he like as player?

“When we played againast Di Stefano, he was 39 or 40,” Gatti said. “I consider he was during Espanyol, though he had come behind for a reverence to Gento, with Kopa, Amancio, Puskas, all of those. And he was a phenomenon. He still played a same way: he would ask the goalkeeper to give him a ball, afterwards he would come out personification from the back, pum, pum – he pounded and he defended.

“Alfredo was a phenomenon. The many identical actor we saw to Alfredo after on was Cruyff. For me, Alfredo is a biggest [in Madrid’s history]. In Europe as well. For me, a actor who revolutionised European football was Alfredo Di Stefano.

“After Alfredo, we have Cristiano. With opposite characteristics. Alfredo was a actor who always wanted to swell and he was explosive. Cristiano, for me, is a man who never stopped learning. He has a winning nature, he’s a good striker, he wants to win it all and to urge all a time. For me, Cristiano is like Rafa Nadal in tennis: more, more, more; better, better, better.”

Di Stefano stats

Juande Ramos coached Real Madrid right before Ronaldo’s attainment in 2009 and a 63-year-old admits he would adore to have had a Portuguese in his team.

“When we have those kind of players, Ronaldo or Messi, we know that they can measure a idea or win a review during any moment. If a review is difficult, if it’s tight, those players can win a 3 points and solve everything,” he told Goal.

Between 2004 and 2010, Madrid unsuccessful to make it over a final 16 of a Champions League (including in that deteriorate when Ramos was in charge), though Los Blancos have won a foe 3 times in a past 4 seasons and Ronaldo has scored some-more than 400 goals in that time.

“That’s a whole change right there,” Ramos said. However, he too believes it is tough to review Cristiano with other shining names from Madrid’s history.

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Champions League

Alfredo Di Stefano - Galería

“I would contend that they are situations that are formidable to review since football evolves and changes a lot.” he said. “I didn’t see Di Stefano for Real Madrid, though people speak about him a lot. People also speak about a 5 European Cups. we didn’t see them, so we don’t wish to compare. There have been very critical footballers.

“Raul was during Real Madrid for many years as well, he was really critical for a club. So comparing if he is a best in Real Madrid’s history, we can’t review since they are totally opposite eras. Gento won 6 European Cups, they are opposite situations…”

Indeed they are. So while Ronaldo might be a choice among the younger generation, Real Madrid’s story is most larger than these past few years. And for all his luminosity and his goals in Spain, a Portuguese still has a long way to go to transcend a good Alfredo Di Stefano.

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