Internet Mad during Michael Phelps for Not Really Racing a Great White Shark

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Today we miscarry a common contention of a hazardous universe of American politics to plead a usually somewhat reduction hazardous universe of man-on-shark open H2O racing.

I am, of course, referring to a Discovery Channel’s most touted Shark Week 2017 flog off, wherein swimmer Michael Phelps raced a good white shark. Only he didn’t competition a shark conduct to conduct and now a internet is mad.

watched a show last night with my 9-year-old son and we had a unequivocally good time. We schooled lots of cold things about how quick opposite varieties of sharks can swim. We found out that shark speed is tough to lane given they don’t float in true lines. We schooled about ways opposite shark class have developed to be some-more fit in a water. And we watched Michael Phelps — who seemed to be gay to attend in a plan — learn all these things along with us. My son commented regularly that Phelps seemed like a unequivocally good guy.

The competition itself was anti-climactic given it wasn’t a race. It was fundamentally dual heats of a race. First, scientists assured a furious good white to follow a hunk of feign sign beef for 100 meters so they could time it. Then Phelps donned a specifically designed shark fit and swam a accurate same route.

The shark was dual seconds faster than Phelps.


The miss of tangible racing was a letdown to many. Some people are commenting that behind in a day, Jesse Owens, a mythological sprinter, indeed raced a horse. But we would remind everybody that horses were trained thousands of years ago and have no story of eating people.

There’s no fear film where Richard Dreyfus mutters “We’re gonna need a bigger buggy” after a torpedo equine chomps it in half, know what we mean?

Sharks have been furious and monster given a days of a dinosaurs, spending millions of years elaborating to turn a ideal water-borne predator. Humans have…not. We haven’t even existed in a stream form as prolonged as sharks. So a fact that we have one man who can get even tighten to swimming as quick as a shark is truly incredible.

In all, my examination of a Phelps v Shark showdown: interesting, if over-hyped, bid by Discovery.


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