Interested in essay for Golden State of Mind? Here’s how to apply.

Golden State of Mind is looking for ardent Golden State Warriors fans to join a group and assistance us as we promote village contention about a group that is ruining a NBA one sinister signing during a time.

So if you’re energetically acid for a open opening to share your thoughts about a Warriors while gaining support from a group of people as we do so, examination on to find out how to apply!

Who we’re looking for

  • Fans with clever opinions, a clarity of amusement and singular perspectives about a team, that they are means to demonstrate effectively and urge persuasively in writing.
  • Clear thinkers with a ability to brand poignant stories, harmonize information, and concisely clear a impact of news events on a team.
  • Quantitative minds who can clearly explain basketball analytics to a infrequent fan.
  • Emerging writers who take genuine honour in their essay and wish larger bearing for their efforts.
  • Team players who wish to minister to a alleviation of a Golden State of Mind community.
  • Community members meddlesome in creation Golden State of Mind a some-more thorough place for minorities, women, and people of all cultures, religions, and passionate orientation.
  • Basketball minds that are eager about ALL THINGS Warriors.

What we’re looking for

Perhaps even moreso than usual, we’re not in a place of apocalyptic need for writers right now, though we spasmodic accept emails from people meddlesome in volunteering with us and like to open it adult for submissions during a offseason when there’s extremely some-more downtime. Although I’ll always find space for a many creative/insightful writers, a tiny sampling of a form of things that we’d be quite meddlesome in people volunteering for are a following:

  • Analytics/statistics-driven explanation (e.g. information analysis, modernized statistics, and information visualization)
  • Copy editing
  • Video/multimedia skills
  • Salary top expertise
  • Sneaker heads…because…what if Steph Curry comes out with some-more “straight fire” shoes?
  • Social media talent

The bottom line is that anything during all that we trust would assistance promote Warriors fans pity their unrestrained with on this site is welcome. The some-more artistic we are in pity your adore for a Warriors, a improved off a village is.

How to apply

1. Tell me about yourself: Send me an email saying your seductiveness in fasten a GSoM team, addressing a following 4 things:

  • Make a theme line: “GSoM application: [your final name]”
  • Describe your celebrity as a author and what initial drew we to a GSoM community.
  • Describe how/what we will minister to a GSoM group formed on what we know about a site/staff/social media presence.
  • Describe what we wish to benefit from fasten a GSoM team.

(1a. If you’re already an active member of a community, greatfully embody your user name as good so we know who we are and can examination your talent comments of a past.)

2. Show me a essay sample: we always get a lot of unequivocally clever applicants, so essay samples always go a prolonged approach in classification out who we competence to supplement to a team. You have dual options for essay samples:

  • Send me links to 2-3 published essay samples about a Warriors that paint a form of contributions we suppose yourself creation to GSoM. Those samples could be published work about a Warriors during another blog/site OR FanPosts you’ve created here during GSoM. Either way, greatfully try to collect articles about a Warriors that indeed resemble what you’d like to minister to GSoM.


  • Attach a created response to a following question:

”Which of a new additions (DeMarcus Cousins, Jacob Evans, Jonas Jerebko) or approaching departures (Omri Casspi, JaVale McGee, Zaza Pachulia, David West, Nick Young) will have a biggest impact on a Warriors’ unchanging deteriorate performance?”

(If we have essay samples that are not about a Warriors that illustrate some-more about your essay ability/style, feel giveaway to send them along with a response to a doubt above — it’s always engaging to see a extent of one’s essay ability, though it doesn’t assistance me if we don’t know how we consider about a Warriors.)

Of course, we’d adore to find people who listened closely to all of their facile propagandize teachers’ judgment diagramming lessons and write primitive prose, though what we unequivocally wish to see is passion, (tasteful) humor, and a clarity of what it means to coherently classify and urge ideas. There are no right answers or expectations of wanting to be confident or desperate about a group (you’ve substantially beheld that a stream staff runs a progression in that regard), though creativity and character is positively preferred.

3. Should we send a resume? Every year we do this, people send me resumes, that is generally a good use for any pursuit search. Yet, for this sold situation, we do determine with Aline Lerner’s indicate about resumes that, “Very intelligent people, who are differently illusory writers, seem to check each unit of premonition and celebrity during a doorway and shake out soulless documents.”

Yikes! That doesn’t sound too useful when indeed looking for writers!

If we really, really trust that promulgation a resume will do a improved pursuit of illustrating something you’ve pronounced about yourself in Step 1 above, feel giveaway to send it along (if we have a super-duper 21st century video resume, really send it — we’d adore to see your creativity!). But we won’t be penalized for self-denial a staler chronicle of yourself — I’m apparently looking for some-more than that.

When we wish to finish a process

The deadline to contention an focus to proffer with Golden State of Mind is 9 a.m. PST on Monday, Aug 6. we typically respond to everybody who relates by a deadline about my preference and/or subsequent steps.

If you’ve come this far, interjection for deliberation this and we wish we apply! Even if we don’t wish to turn a grave writer to GSoM during this, though do have thoughts we wish to share, you’re always giveaway to voice your opinions in a FanPost — there’s always copiousness to plead about a Warriors and we wish to make this a space that encourages a giveaway upsurge of ideas about a team.

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