In Match Play, Rory McIlroy Melts Down Early, and Tiger Woods Is Stunned Late

Woods’s compare opposite McIlroy, that finished when Woods emptied a 15-foot standard putt to separate a par-3 17th hole, began to spin on a par-4 fifth when McIlroy had an 8-foot birdie putt to go 1-up. He corroborated divided from a try and waited for some-more than a notation while a players on an adjacent fairway strike their shots. The postponement gave McIlroy copiousness of time to consider about a putt, that he afterwards missed.

Funnily enough, McIlroy competence have been one of a few people during a hole who was wakeful that there were others in action. This was Woods’s initial coming as a veteran in Austin, and fans flocked to watch him play as if he competence never again come their way.

McIlroy attempted to pull Woods into infrequent review early in a compare usually to have his attempts peter out like brief putts. They did not speak during a extensive check on a fifth tee while they waited for a fairway to clear. McIlroy idly bounced a round several times on a face of his driver. Woods took his ball, placed it between his right index and center fingers and flipped it in a atmosphere and held it between a same dual fingers, a method he steady several times.

McIlroy missed a 3-footer to remove a 10th hole, fluctuating Woods’s lead to 3-up. But as a continue turned, so, too, did a momentum. As a breeze began to whip and a cold sleet started to fall, McIlroy won a 12th and 13th holes with his initial birdies of a day. The compare looked as if it competence be removing divided from Woods when he strike his expostulate during a par-4 15th approach left, where H2O lurked. But his round bounced off someone or something and came to rest in weed trampled down by fans. After a good third shot, Woods sank a bold 8-footer to compare McIlroy’s par.

If Woods’s dabble harm McIlroy’s quip hopes, a final blow was self-inflicted. On a par-5 16th, McIlroy’s expostulate trafficked 395 yards. He was in a fairway, 173 yards from a pin, and somehow done what amounted to a 7 on a hole. With Woods on a immature in three, McIlroy constructed his misfortune pitch of a day. The round landed in a severe nearby a mouth of a greenside bunker, and he pitched his subsequent shot over a immature as fans in a closeness scattered.

The round came to rest opposite a wooden bulkhead, and McIlroy took an unplayable lie, heading to Woods winning a hole though carrying to strike a putt. McIlroy was muttering to himself as he walked to a 17th tee, though after Woods finished a compare on a 17th green, McIlroy had zero to say.

He hopped into a transport and left a drift though articulate to reporters. It was a singular fit of bother from McIlroy, who has worked tough over a past year to assuage his emotions no matter what measure he cards.

Had McIlroy schooled from his detriment to Woods that imprisonment can feed a competitor’s fire? It would seem not. In an Instagram post after in a day, McIlroy apologized for his sudden depart and combined that he would “learn and pierce on.”

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