In 2016 Rafael Nadal had fewer drug tests in foe than Federer, Djokovic and Murray

Through a central website, ITF common a numbers of a Anti-doping Programme in 2016. 4,899 tests were finished in total, 466 some-more than 2015, that shows how a foe is even some-more committed to quarrel opposite doping. 2,684 tests were finished among men, 2,215 were finished among women. Analyzing difficulty per category, a biggest volume of tests were a blood tests during competition, 1,863 (205 some-more than 2015). In general, some-more tests were finished for each category.

As for a numbers of tests finished for tip players, Roger Federer was tested four-six times during foe and some-more than 7 times out of competition. There were fewer tests for Rafael Nadal during tournaments (one to three), he was also tested some-more than 7 times out of competition. 28 players (including Murray, Djokovic, Wawrinka, Raonic and Cilic) had some-more than 7 tests during and out of competition.

More than 7 tests out of foe for Maria Sharapova, who was defaulted for 15 months in Jan 2016. Four-six tests for Flavia Pennetta as well: a 2015 US Open Champion private herself from a WTA Rankings usually in July, so until that date she still was a veteran actor on paper.

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