Impact Wrestling Rumors: Shaquille O’Neal will be compared with …

Impact pulling all a measures to make Slammiversary a ancestral event.

Big Show and Shaquille O’Neal during WrestleMania 32

What’s a story?

While compelling a arriving pay-per-view Slammiversary, a conduct honcho of Impact, Jeff Jarrett, had teased that “the many powerful, successful proprietor of Orlando, Florida” will be compared with the event. Wrestlingnewsworld and exhibit that it is going to be nothing other than the NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal.

In box we didn’t know….

Slammiversary XV will be a initial pay-per-view of Impact Wrestling in 2017. There are 7 matches reliable for a show, including a categorical eventuality hitch between Lashley and Alberto El Patron to harmonize a Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship and a GFW Global Championship. 

The heart of a matter…

Shaquille O’Neal has done countless appearances in WCW and WWE. The basketball fable was also a partial of a Andre a Giant Memorial conflict stately during WrestleMania 32, where he had an epic staredown with a Big Show. The dual Giants were rumoured to hit this year, during WrestleMania 33 though a compare fell by as WWE and Shaq couldn’t settle a deal. 

If O’Neal appears during Slammiversary, we can design that he will be concerned in a shred during a pay-per-view. Even, a earthy rumpus with a member of a Impact register can’t be ruled out deliberation his prior annals during a pro-wrestling show. 

What’s next?

Slammiversary XV will be hold during a Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida on 2nd July 2017. This year’s uncover will be a thirteenth eventuality underneath a Slammiversay pay-per-view series. 

Author’s take

Since convalescent a management of Impact Wrestling progressing this year, Jeff Jarrett has usually targetted to revitalise a promotion.

In this scenario, Slammiversary will be behaving as an critical eventuality as it will be representing a new epoch of Impact. The participation of someone like Shaquille O’Neal in a uncover will not usually yield it mainstream confirmation though also beget a hum in a pro-wrestling industry.

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