If you’re a Tiger Woods fan, this new set of column bets will make we unequivocally sad

Tiger Woods’ MC-WD widen within a week has sucked out scarcely all a confidence surrounding his latest lapse to a PGA Tour. Questions of when Woods will win again have fast incited to when will he play again, and sportsbooks around a universe seem to be losing faith in a 14-time vital champion.

Enter BookMaker.eu, that has expelled a new set of involving Woods’ health and destiny following his early exit from a Dubai Desert Classic due to behind spasms. When we demeanour during these wagers, keep in mind this was a male who was a true adult gamble opposite a margin in his prime. In other words, if you’re a Tiger Woods fan, be prepared to be unequivocally sad.

Which contest will Tiger Woods strictly tee off in next?

Genesis Open +140
Honda Classic +500
Arnold Palmer Invitational +500
The Masters +200
Does not lapse in 2017 +1500

Will Tiger Woods repel during any veteran contest before to Jan 1, 2018?

Yes -350
No +270

Will Tiger Woods bear behind medicine in 2017?

Yes -140
No +110

How many cuts will Tiger Woods make during 2017 calendar year? (minimum personification margin of 100)

Over 2.5 (+110)
Under 2.5 (-140)

Will Tiger Woods fire 80 or worse in a turn in 2017?

Yes -105
No -125

Tiger Woods best finish during 2017 calendar year? (minimum personification margin of 100)

Over 20.5 (-115)
Under 20.5 (-115)

Will Tiger Woods announce retirement from veteran golf before Jan 1, 2018?

Yes +290
No -380

A garland of things burst out. It’s no warn that a Genesis Open, Woods’ subsequent scheduled start subsequent week during Riviera, is a favorite. But how about a Masters, that is still dual months away, being No. 2 during +200?

According to BookMaker, Woods undergoing another behind medicine this year is a favorite (-140) and Woods withdrawing from another contest is an strenuous favorite during -350.

Then there’s how low his opening expectations have dropped. The over/under for cuts done is 2.5? That’s it? The over/under for his best finish in a full-field eventuality is 20.5? That’s it? He’s some-more expected to fire an 80 than not? Yikes.

And finally, a saddest gamble revolves around Woods presumably retiring. “Yes” is a large loser during +290, though a fact that it’s even a probability is, again, well, sad. Hang in there, Tiger fans.

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