I Want to See This Javelin-Launching Slingshot Cannon Shatter Records At a Olympics

The Olympics are ostensible to be a array of competitions that exam a earthy capabilities of a competing athletes. But increasingly, it seems like it’s turn a foe over that contestant brings a best gear: be it highly-engineered running shoes, swimsuits, or sleds. So because shouldn’t lane and margin athletes be allowed to use a comically-monstrous slingshot cannon during a pike event?

The world’s heading management on effervescent bands, building slingshots, and trenchant holes in a side of an aged barn, has put all of his expertise into conceptualizing a (barely) handheld cannon that can play eight-and-a-half-foot prolonged javelins. During testing, Joerg Sprave fast proves we don’t wish to be down margin when he pulls a trigger on this contraption, though it looks like it has a intensity to break a few universe annals too, if usually a IOC would only be cool.



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