Hurry up! MLB star Matt Kemp’s palace on a golf march will go to a top bidder today

Matt Kemp was traded from a San Diego Padres to a Atlanta Braves final summer. That’s a usually probable reason for because a two-time MLB All-Star is offered his fantastic San Diego-area mansion.

But if you’re meddlesome in shopping it from him, we improved hurry. According to San Diego’s Fox 5, a estate located in a gated Poway’s Heritage village will go to a top bidder on Apr 20.

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Kemp bought a skill in 2014 for $9.075 million, though put in an additional $3 million in renovations. Again, there’s no approach he would have given adult this pad if he hadn’t gotten traded.

So what do we get for a $11.5 million seeking price? A 15,884-square-foot categorical residence to start. A guest residence that includes a gym and a spa. And only about each other oppulance we can suppose from a 1,200-bottle booze room to a film entertainment to a tennis justice to an infinity-edge pool. (All photos pleasantness of Antis Real Estate Photography):

There doesn’t demeanour to be any golf-specific amenities, though they’re not unequivocally indispensable when you’re backyard opens adult to a golf march — Maderas Country Club:

So is this one of these “no bid is too low” form of things? I’m meditative we could scrounge together a few hundred bucks if so. . .


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