Hundreds take a thrust during Flora-Bama

ALABAMA/FLORIDA (WKRG) —  People along a Gulf Coast took to a beach to take a drop in a Gulf.

Flora-Bama’s annual frigid bear drop always draws a good sized crowd.  This year was a bit cooler than years past.

It was 34 degrees during noon in Perdido, with 17 MPH winds and a breeze chill of 25.  The H2O heat was 66 degrees.

“When we go in a water, a H2O is so cold your physique goes now numb,” one swimmer said.  “You don’t feel it until we come out of a H2O and a breeze blows by.”

“I changed to Florida to be warm,” pronounced Ricky Payton, one of a swimmers.  “They lied.”

Among those creation a thrust was a Michael Phelps demeanour alike, a flexing patriot, and a man in a Hawaiian shirt.

People who took a thrust a year ago pronounced final year it was a lot warmer, though a fever still done it a pleasing day.

Just when it seemed like a celebration was over, a organisation of friends motionless to take a plunge.

“Hopefully we can make this a tradition means we consider this is everybody’s initial time doing it,” pronounced one of a friends after they came out of a water.  “Hopefully good do this again for subsequent year.”

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