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Patric Hornqvist pronounced Mario Lemieux deserves better.

Matt Cullen pronounced a group competence have reached a pivotal point.

Mike Sullivan sent a summary with his use plan.

Any hockey team, no matter how accomplished, will humour some waste over a march of an 82-game NHL season. Most are lost in a matter of hours. A name few linger.

This one is slow for a Pittsburgh Penguins.

About 12 hours after pang a consummate 5-0 violence during a hands of a Toronto Maple Leafs during home Saturday night, a Penguins still were smarting as they used Sunday afternoon in Cranberry.

“If there was a 50-50 puck, they came adult with 80 percent of those, and that’s not excusable on this team,” Hornqvist said. “We’ve got a good owners and a good organization. We have a possibility to win. Those tiny things — large things — are not excusable in this room. That’s something we have to change starting today.”

As use began, Sullivan did not put his group by a array of sprints as punishment for a bad performance. Those days are prolonged left in a NHL.

Even if bag skates were still en vogue, a Penguins are in a midst of a widen of 5 games in 9 days. Such measures would substantially be counterproductive.

Still, Sullivan left no doubt he wasn’t gratified with a bid his group put onward a night before.

Every cavalcade in a 45-minute examination enclosed an component of skating during a high pace. If it was a two-on-two conflict cavalcade with descent players perplexing to get a shot off and defensive players perplexing to forestall one, it was contested over 200 feet, not only a descent zone. If it was a dermatitis drill, no one pulled adult after a puck crossed a red line.

“I consider we’ve got to try to strengthen a sum and a work ethic compared with winning, and that was partial of a use today, perplexing to make certain that we get behind to basis and we concentration on a routine and a sum compared with winning,” Sullivan said. “With a team, it starts with skating.”

Winger Carl Hagelin pronounced he noticed a use as required medicine a Penguins indispensable to take after a bad detriment and before a home diversion with a New Jersey Devils on Monday night.

“It was a tough practice. It was a good practice. It was something we needed,” Hagelin said. “Obviously didn’t movement adequate final night. We were examination a lot. We let them do a skating. We really indispensable to do what we did out there currently to get prepared for tomorrow.”

Sullivan gave no hints of vital changes to a team’s strategy or personnel. They’re not looking to renovate a approach they play. They’re simply seeking coherence of effort.

As recently as a week ago, a Penguins were cruising right along.

They finished off an undefeated Canadian highway outing with a 9-1 feat in Calgary and a 5-0 blowout in Vancouver. They were 6-1-2, heading a joining in goals per game, sitting flattering in initial place in a Metropolitan Division.

According to Cullen, Saturday’s detriment to Toronto, that came on a heels of a home-and-home brush by a New York Islanders, was a sign to a Penguins they haven’t figured it all out only yet.

“I think, honestly, when we demeanour behind after in a season, this could be a large branch indicate for us,” Cullen said. “I wish it is. we consider it’s a good wake-up for everybody to see, we know, pucks have been going in and things have been going flattering well, though we can’t take that for granted, No. 1, and we have a lot of areas we can still urge on.”

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Jonathan Bombulie is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can hit Jonathan during or around Twitter @BombulieTrib.

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