How will Dustin rebound back, Sergio’s new image, and Rory’s tentative nuptials

Dustin Johnson is so jaunty that he can mountain on a physio turn in unclothed feet and pitch a golf club. Navigating a few stairs in hosiery during his let home circuitously Augusta National, however, was another story.

Johnson is still bruise and recuperating from a brief he took final week that harmed his behind and elbow, and caused him to repel from a Masters. His condition is improving any day, according to his tutor Joey Diovisalvi, and he expects to play during a Wells Fargo Championship early subsequent month.

As unhappy as a No. 1 actor in a universe was from carrying to lift out of a year’s initial major, no one is arguably softened versed to hoop it. With past heartbreaks during majors (2010 U.S. Open during Pebble Beach, 2010 PGA during Whistling Straits, 2015 U.S. Open during Chambers Bay), Johnson managed to keep them from inspiring his play in a weeks that followed. Diovisalvi expects that will be a box for a 33-year-old this time as well.

“He is already to go get after a subsequent event,” pronounced Diovisalvi. “No one is softened than him to let it go.”

“He handles all like a man,” combined David Winkle, Johnson’s representative during Hambric Sports management. “There’s no pouting, no blaming someone else. He takes a ups and downs as they come. He knows life is gonna chuck we some punches, it’s how we respond. He’s a best I’ve ever seen during that. I’ve seen him go by personal struggles and veteran struggles. You don’t have to travel on eggshells for a subsequent dual hours for carrying pronounced a wrong thing. That’s not a approach he does things.”

Johnson has endured copiousness of missteps before—on and off a course—and come out a other side.

Why would this be any different?

Asked Sunday night what he was many unapproachable of progressing in a afternoon, a shot, a hole or his character, Sergio Garcia didn’t hesitate.

“Definitely proof of my character, and my mentality,” he said. “You know, how certain we stayed even when things weren’t going that good on 10 and 11. Even on 13, we didn’t strike that bad a drive. I’ve been attack that expostulate any day like a high cut. This expostulate was substantially going 3 yards left of a ones I’ve strike a other 3 days, and unfortunately it strike a tree and went in a bush. But even that, we know, in a past, we would have started going, we know, during my caddie, and oh, we know, Why doesn’t it go by and whatever. But we know, we was like, well, if that’s what is ostensible to happen, let it happen. Let’s try to make a good 5 here and see if we can put a ruin of a finish to have a chance. And if not, we’ll shake Justin’s palm and
congratulate him for winning.”

It’s a sheer disproportion from a decade ago when he mislaid a playoff to Padraig Harrington in a 2007 British Open during Carnoustie, where Garcia missed a standard putt on a 72nd hole and was in full El Whiner mode afterward.

“I gave him any out we presumably could during a 2007 Open,” Harrigton pronounced this week. “I was as respectful as we could, and as inexhaustible as we could be. But he was a unequivocally bruise loser, and he continued to be a unequivocally bruise loser. So clearly after that, we had a unequivocally gummy wicket I’d say. The Ryder Cup apparently softened it to no end. But look, we contend hello to any other any day we meet, though it’s with gritted teeth, there’s no doubt about it.”

At Augusta National operative for Sky Sports final week, Harrington was happy not only for Garcia’s feat though a apparent change in attitude.

“I was gay to see a tension on a 18th green,” Harrington said. “Anybody examination that has got to feel for him and see, maybe I’m a bit oppressive in a fact that we demeanour during [him] and say, ‘Well, all comes easy to Sergio.’ But clearly, it hasn’t come easy to him. It unequivocally hasn’t. And we could see in that impulse in time that, we know, he substantially paid his dues.”

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“It’s a good time in my life,” Rory McIlroy pronounced Sunday night. “It would have been good to travel down a aisle in a immature jacket.”

Instead a 27-year-old Northern Irishman, who is removing married during Ashford Castle on Apr 22, over Magnolia Lane but one for a ninth true year.

Distance control, or miss thereof. Mental mistakes. Missing in a wrong spots. It combined adult to 11 bogeys or worse for a week. Despite a tie for seventh, that looks good on a stat sheet, he was never unequivocally in it since of errors like a spook on 18 on Friday, or a double on 7 on Saturday, or only 3 birdies on a behind 9 on a weekend.

A fourth-straight top-10 during Augusta National has McIlroy feeling good about his chances there relocating forward—many in a diversion contend it’s tough to suppose he’ll finish adult jacketless like can’t-miss forms Greg Norman, Ernie Els, or Davis Love III—but in a evident aftermath, it sounds like he will make some changes.

“I felt my golf turn this week was doing things in a breeze that was unequivocally inconsistent,” he said. “There’s one thing I’m going to change.

“I feel I’m overhanging it as good as we have been for a prolonged time. I’ve finished a lot of good work with Michael [Bannon, his instructor] over a past few weeks. My putting feels as good as it has in a prolonged time. … we still feel I’m a good motorist of a golf ball. So I’m going to consider about a apparatus a subsequent few weeks and try to find something a tiny better.”

McIlroy will also take 10 days honeymooning with bride Erica Stoll in “the center of nowhere” to “get divided from it all.”

As for a Masters, it’s wait ’til subsequent year. Again. But he’d happily settle for wearing a immature coupler on his one-year marriage anniversary in 2018.

Given a firepower on a personality house streamer into Sunday’s final turn of a Masters, a initial 12 holes mostly felt like a dud, with a likes of Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler and others unwell to mountain a charge. This expected explains, in part, since a radio ratings were so low. The final hour? It was a opposite story in terms of drama. The Masters is a one vital that flattering most never disappoints in a finish since of a flighty inlet of a shutting holes. …

Not most was done of Garcia’s dump and his turn presumably relocating as he privileged some circuitously hunger straw on a par-5 13th on Sunday. Tournament officials reviewed a replay of a occurrence and deemed no infringement was committed. Case closed. Besides, does anyone unequivocally consider Augusta National is going to let a contest be derailed by some nonsensical manners controversy? …

Jordan Spieth won’t be condemned by anticipating a H2O on 12 for a second true Sunday during Augusta National, or a 9 he done on 15 progressing during a initial round. Not when he already has dual majors, including a immature jacket.

Harbour Town is about as laid behind an atmosphere as there is on a tour— consider operative vacation. Still, it’s a perfectionist tiny exam with a narrow, tree-lined fairways and tiny greens. The easy collect here: Matt Kuchar, who won a contest in 2014 and rolls into Hilton Head off a tie for fourth during a Masters. The man we like? Matthew Fitzpatrick. He putts well, is good around a greens and hits it true off a tee. He’s also been plain here in a States with 3 of his 4 starts here this year ensuing in top-20 finishes.

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