How to Keep Up With Curling After a Olympics

So, you’re super stoked that Team USA won a bullion award for curling during a 2018 Winter Olympics, and now we wish some-more curling. Well, theory what? People get their brush on year -round. Here’s where we can review adult on curling news and watch competitions whenever we like.

Follow a World Curling Federation

If we unequivocally wish to get into a universe of curling, supplement a World Curling Federation website to your bookmarks. They’re a world ruling physique for curling accreditation and always have present coverage on mill slingin’ all over a globe. They have links to live streams of tournaments, we can check universe rankings, and they even have info on where we can try curling yourself. You competence also wish to follow all of their amicable media accounts so you’re always removing info as shortly as it drops.

Watch World Curling TV and World Curling Tour on YouTube

YouTube is a good place to watch curling. You can locate copiousness of highlights, as good as archived competitions if we wish to get a improved feel for your favorite competitors. Check out these dual channels:

Browse their videos and we won’t be disappointed. Also, be certain to note arriving live streams listed on their pages so we can watch competitions as they happen.


Explore a 12th End Sports Network

If you’re looking for a gateway to curling bar video content, give a 12th End Sports Network (TESN) a look. They post links to live streams, keep video repository of past tournaments, and have a useful master report with all arriving curling events. A lot of a things they have is geared toward smaller competitions, though they have streams and archived video of inhabitant and general tournaments as well.


Check Out Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling

If you’re really removing into curling and we don’t mind profitable a price for your content, Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling is really a approach to go. Buying one of their pay-per-view packages lets we watch a array of vital bonspiels (curling tournaments) that are all partial of a annual World Curling Tour. These are a large leagues, folks. Pinty’s Grand Slam facilities teams from all over a world, both group and women, competing for large money prizes. The large four, or “majors,” are a Masters, Canadian Open, a National, and a Player’s Championship. A deteriorate pass—which gives we observation entrance to all 7 events, including a majors—will set we behind $109, though it guarantees that you’ll be means to watch a biggest curling events of a year. You can also compensate for entrance to particular events if we prefer.

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