How Tiger Woods helped Lindsey Vonn cope with fame’s disastrous side

Lindsey Vonn might seem like she has it all —athleticism, beauty and celebrity — though a Olympic bullion medal-winning skier has been vehement about her onslaught with body picture issues.

Vonn non-stop adult to Willie Geist for a Sunday TODAY interview, and suggested that winning her initial bullion award in 2010 brought a spotlight whose glisten she wasn’t prepared for.

“It was hard. Having your personal life and what we demeanour like and your coming and all of that be judged on a unchanging basis, it was a large change,” pronounced Vonn, who turns 32 Tuesday.

“I have to say, red carpets, when we primarily started doing it, we was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so cool, we know, we get to dress adult and, we know, put on a good dress and this is gonna be so most fun.'” she said. “And afterwards we get out there and I’m like, ‘I don’t know about this.'”

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In 2013, Vonn began dating veteran golfer Tiger Woods — and a spotlight on her grew some-more intense. The contestant credits Woods, whom she antiquated for dual years, with assisting her understanding with a disastrous aspects of fame. Woods, she said, suggested her not to demeanour during nasty online comments, instructing her to “block it out.”


The four-time World Cup champion suggested that her physique picture issues began after gaining weight during age 18. She also pronounced she was not a renouned tyro during school. “I mean, we consider for a while there it was since we had perm, bangs and braces during a same time,” Vonn said, laughing.

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The contestant writes about her onslaught in her absolute new book, “Strong Is a New Beautiful: Embrace Your Natural Beauty, Eat Clean and Harness Your Power.”

Her hope? That a book will assistance readers welcome their possess bodies, something she’s usually recently been “getting improved at.”

“I’ve gotten to be in a place where I’m fine being who we am,” Vonn said.

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